August Ipsy Glam Bag


As you can see, I got a gold bag instead of the usual pink bag this month….interesting….

It’s a new program Ipsy is launching-its called Ipsy Cash, and it’s a beauty rewards program where you get literal cash back for every purchase you make, either in a paper check or to your PayPal. There’s a catalogue type thing with all sorts of beauty products, and it explains how the rewards program works. I’m sure everyone will eventually get it.


So any way, the theme for the month is “Good Vibes Only”. There are 3 different Glam bag styles this month, this is the one I got:


It’s cute-it’s a faux leather feel, the inside is lined with a purple fabric.

My first item this month:
A True Spring Green Tea Watery Calming Cream

It’s got a nice light scent, and isn’t heavy or great. The bottle says “Heritage in France, Rediscovered in Korea”. I’m not sure what that means.

Next we have Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum with Hyaluronic Acid:

It’s got sort of an orange-y scent, and I’ve never used a Serum so I’ll let you know 😉

Next, an SL MissGlam x Ipsy precise blending brush. This was the item I had requested for the month as well-


It’s cute! Nice teal color, the bristles are soft-seems like a nice little brush, plus I am always down for some new brushes.

I’ve got the Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara in Big Is The New Black


Sorry about the flash-dumb iPhone decided it was very necessary. What sucks is that my lashes suck so bad that even the best mascara on the planet does not help them. I can’t really tell a fabulous one from a shitty one because my lashes are just that puny, thin, and sparse. My lower lashes dont exist. Life is hard, y’all.

Last but not least, Seraphine Botanicals Liquid Coal Waterproof Liquid Liner in black, obvie-

This is full size and retails for 22$. It’s actually a really nice pen liner. I find these much easier than the wand liners.


It’s got a great fine line, easy to maneuver.

And there you have it! I’m pleased with this month’s bag. I’ve been subscribing to Ipsy since January and in the past 6 months, they have REALLY stepped it up. Love them.


Talk soon, Lovelies


15 thoughts on “August Ipsy Glam Bag

  1. Ooh I just got an email about the Lancôme mascara and wondered if I should try it. Like u I have sparse lashes. Btw you will love a serum. I never used them until a Clarins consultant talked me into one and now I wear one every day except no makeup days when I stay in

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  2. Skin care and cosmetics are just confusing as hell. Our generation (I think most of us are around the same age, give or take a couple of years) were always pushed European stuff. I mean, they have a special melon that doesn’t rot for fucks sake!!! Why do you think Cindy Crawford hasn’t aged a day in 30 years? This generation are all into the Korean products. I don’t know if it’s a “influencer” pushed thing, or if the products are superior to other brands.
    Of course there are brands that are of better quality than others, that’s a given in any industry. I’m sure creams, lotions and mask’s do help with certain aspects of skin care….but honestly, nothing is going to stop the aging process. Women wouldn’t be injecting poison into their faces if a miracle cream did it all. Our grandmother’s thought Pond’s cold cream was the fountain of youth.

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    • What did you get in yours?!? You can email Ipsy support and give them up to 3 or 6 categories of things you’d prefer not to get. I told them lipstick (I’ve got a million), perfumes, hand lotion, and maybe one more thing. Since I did that, my bags have been awesome. I made an exception for Sept’s bag and asked for a ColourPop liquid gloss. I’ll always make an exception for ColourPop 😉


      • I got the Eyeko mascara, which is unusable for me. Aurora concealer and the Steve Laurent eyeliner would have been good if I hadn’t gotten concealer and black eyeliner last month, haha.

        The contour brush and face wash that I got were okay. The whole thing was just really underwhelming this month. I complained via email and retook my quiz, hopefully September will be better.

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      • Aw man, I’m sorry it was a meh month. The first 2 months of my Ipsy sub I was so underwhelmed I almost canceled it-but the next months got much better. You’re allowed to request up to one item per month-this month I asked for the crease brush, next month the ColourPop gloss. If you head over to they list they items you can request 😁


  3. I just got mine! Yahoo but I got a contour brush and well I have no idea how to contour !!!! Lol but I got face masks again love trying out different masks!!!!

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