The Lies! The Lies…


Let me preface this with saying this is a post about the NRA-

So the NRA just called for hubs-he’s a member and a licensed gun owner. They wanted donations-which is fine, do yo’ thang, it’s the American way.

But don’t lie.

They said “Did you know that Wayne LaPierre fought to have the Obama law overturned barring SSDI recipients from gun ownership?”


The law is regarding people with known mental illnesses or those who have been deemed mentally incapacitated in handling their own affairs being subject to stricter background checks when purchasing a firearm.

That’s a far cry from “if you’re on SSDI you can’t have a gun”.

Then it was some BS about carrying over state lines, it wasn’t true whatever she said-but it was such a glaring example of how lobbies twist truths and just blatantly lie. Crazy to me. Luckily hubs is up on all of the current laws so knew what he was talking about and kinda went head to head with her.

Things these days, guys. Scary AF. North Korea, etc. scary. I’m not going on an anti Trump rant-I’ll just say we expect to hear insane violent nonsense rhetoric from the crazy lunatic in charge over there. We DONT expect to hear the same from our end.

I’m scared. I think there’s good cause to be.

Ok. Rant over. I had to get it out.

Talk soon, Lovelies



9 thoughts on “The Lies! The Lies…

  1. I absolutely despise the NRA! I’m not a gun owner, but I’m all for responsible gun ownership, including extensive background checks. The NRA has done their best to spread lies & propaganda– especially after Sandy Hook. There was a hilarious thread on Twitter over Dana Loesch’s latest NRA ad, where she it sounded like she said she wanted to fist an old gray-haired lady. What she really said was she wanted to “fisk” the NY Times (which is often referred to the “Grey Lady”). Hilarity ensued as countless Tweeps wondered why she wanted to fist an old lady because #freaky. And Dana got her panties in a wad over the interpretation of “fisk” as “fist”. Good times…I’ll leave the video here so you can decide exactly what it is she wants to do to old gray-haired ladies.

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