Sidney Barney speaks

I’m reluctant to post this because Sidney really just wants to be left alone, but she posted it to SM, and People picked it up, so I’m posting it.

People Mag

I get family issues, I have plenty of them – and I would not want them told one-sided on a crappy reality show. But the way Tamra has been portraying Sidney on SM is wrong, and Sidney has now chosen to vent about it.

Mostly I’m posting this because of the last line of the story, which is Tamra’s SM response. SHAME ON YOU!!!

I know we are a good group, but, if at all possible, please refrain from bashing Sidney. She didn’t choose this life. We won’t delete your comment, but please remember this is a very damaged child.


12 thoughts on “Sidney Barney speaks

  1. As the daughter of a mother who is a no boundaries over-sharer, I feel for Sidney. My mom doesn’t have a TV show and I hated having my life open for discussion to anyone and everyone just in our circle, can’t even imagine the da me happening with the added stress of show, social media, tabloids etc.
    Tamara, Shut the F Up! You choose this, not her.

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  2. when the Disney version of Tarzan came out my girls were small (both under 10) and i was pregnant with my son, that’s important as that’s my excuse. (hormones)

    Anyway we had a girl’s day at the cinema. From the second the film started i was bawling. Not just sobbing but proper snot bubble, ugly crying. For the entire film.

    I was oblivious to my girls looks of utter horror.

    When the film had finished i realise they were both seriously pissed with me. The told me in no uncertain terms just how much i had embarrassed them, how they would NEVER go to the cinema with me again and i was mortifying.

    ha ha

    Now in their 20s they still rip me for it and let me know how bad it was………… just saying

    i feel 100% empathy for that girl. I don’t blame her one bit for speaking out.

    Jesus Jugs 2.0 needs to have a word with herself and STFU.

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  3. At first, I felt for Tamra with the whole parental alienation thing. But this, this-Tamra has brought upon herself. All her daughter has basically asked is that her mother keep private matters private, and not parade Sidney around publicly. And Tamra just can’t stop. I don’t understand that. Just don’t post your daughters photos and business on social media. Easy, right? But no-Tamra has to drag her child further by announcing that’s she’s paying for college (that’s what parents who can afford it do) and calling her “damaged”. Wow. Well, Tamra, you’ve done a fantastic job at continuously contributing to that “damage”. What a self-serving egotistical asshole. My sympathy for Tamra is nil, and contempt for her behavior is off the richter. Sidney is better off maintaining her distance.

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