Bethenny’s Ex’s Stalking Case Continues

Jason Hoppy appeared in court today to answer to stalking charges on Bethenny Frankel. Originally he was charged with 3 counts of stalking an harassment, but in June that was revised to 5 charges. Tsk tsk, Jason.

Now, he could have taken anger management and the worst of this would have gone away but he’s not having that. I guess he thinks his anger is manageable. 😳.

He had asked the court today to dismiss the charges, they said mmmmm-no. Back in March he was offered a deal: if he pled guilty to a lowered harassment charge and took AM classes thus have dropped the other 2 stalking charges. He shoulda taken it, since now it’s 5 counts from the 3. Arrogant dude who needs a leeeeeeetle humility, perhaps?

I’m sorta familiar with court procedure etc (ahem) and this is all normal par for the course happenings-and he should have taken the deal. She’s got evidence-enough to have him arrested and tack on more charges. But maybe he deserves to pay stiffer consequences. He was pretty vile from what I understand, and the divorce was final-there was no reason to behave that way. Not that there EVER is but I think it says a lot about him and the situation. She’s done her best to keep quiet about everything. He sounds like a raging angry douche. I have no sympathy. He even LOOKS mean nowadays. Anyway-

DM story below:

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18 thoughts on “Bethenny’s Ex’s Stalking Case Continues

  1. I had zero intentions of reading this story (meh, I’m over them) until I read the first tag….where, exactly, is the angry beaver? I would expect a picture or something at least….sheeesh (and, why, yes, thank you, I get the double entendre 🤤). But here’s a slightly annoyed squirrel emojis for your trouble 😲🐿.

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  2. I wonder how his parents have been handling this. I don’t know what happened to this guy. He came out of the divorce with a few million, didn’t he? Just take the money and move on. I am surprised that he is still working – I would have thought his employer would want him to stop it or be fired.

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  3. He has done some effed up shit to her. I read he kept her dog Cookie in a closet for over 24 hours (sans food and water) and wouldn’t tell her where she was. That is beyond.
    He really did seem like a normal joe when they started going out. I think Bethenny iced him out completely (like we have seen her do) and this set off all kinds of shit in him.

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  4. It blows my mind to see posters on other sites think this man is innocent and blame Bethenny as if she plotted or planned this. The victim shaming/ blaming is out of control and disgusting.

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    • Right??? It’s as bad as when I read comments about Jenelle Evans being a good mom. I think to myself, Good Lord I hope those idiots never have kids if they think she is a good fucking mom.
      I’ve read comments where these dumbasses say that B’s lawyer must be in good with the Judge, or she is basically buying this case against him. Get a grip. If B and/or her attorney had that kind of power, don’t you think she would have gotten full custody of Bryn, and her divorce wouldn’t have went on for 4 years. I swear to Baby Jesus that people have not a lick of sense.
      The worst comments are the “I pity Bryn” and “Bryn won’t talk to her in a couple of years” Bethenny is a large presence, and I’d imagine it’s not always easy to be around her, but I don’t doubt her mothering abilities for a second. If anything, Bryn is going to resent Jason when she get’s older and understands all the bullshit he put her mom thru and the shit talking about B in front of her.
      Look, that is one scary mother fucker – those eyes are menacing. He needs serious intervention to get a handle on his anger issues. He does not have it under control.
      My daughter and I were talking about this, and she brought up an interesting fact. Bethenny’s staff are all long term people, she doesn’t have a revolving door of employee’s. She can’t be that horrible if these people are willing to work for her for years on end like they have been. I’m sure the original assistant Julie would still be with her had she not moved back home to Pittsburgh.

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      • That’s an excellent point-she has long term and very loyal people around her and if she was that horrendous, she’d not be able to say that. Jason LOOKS mean and crazy. Bethenny has never displayed anything as far as her mothering but fierce protectiveness, loving, nurturing, and putting her time with her daughter above all else. You’re right-if anything, she’s going to think her father is a big fat tool. Any Bethenny bashing you get is from Jason and his parents. If she was in with the judge, he definitely wouldn’t have been squatting on her apt all those years. That’s just sheer ignorance and stupidity. People never cease to amaze me.

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    • Omg totally agree. There’s no excuse ever for this-he had a choice in how he behaved and reacted to whatever perceived wrongs he had in his mind. People who blame her on other sites don’t surprise me. Consider the site. Just as long as they stay in the sty, keep on keepin on.

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  5. i was all “oh they are both this and that” etc and they both need to do such and such.

    However i took it all back when Carol stated on the show that he called bethenny by her mum’s name

    that is some twisted piece of shit.

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