August Boxycharm Full Spoilers


It a good one, guys.

I’ll rehash the ones you know about:

The tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow palette. This one will be in all boxes, retail value 36$.


Royal and Langnickel brush set. Also in all boxes. I *believe this is the actual set. If it is, it retails for 19.99$.


Pūr Cosmetics eyelashes. There are 2 variations (no idea if these are them-this is just for examples sake) and will be in all boxes. Retail price 14$.


Aloette Face Paint Lip and Cheek Tint. This is a possible variant item and retails for 35$.


Last but not least, Adesse New York nail polish in Suzannemi. This is also a possible variant item-I’ve received this brand a few times in boxes and it’s GREAT. Retails for 18$.


So that’s that, y’all. I’m excited about the palette and the brushes.


Talk Soon Lovelies


8 thoughts on “August Boxycharm Full Spoilers

  1. Has anyone ever heard of “Beauty Pie”? It’s a club for lack of a better term that you join for $10 per month. The concept is that they have beauty products made from the same manufacturers’ that produce the high end stuff, without all the bells and whistles of the fancy packaging. To be fair, the YouTube folks really do pay a lot of attention to packaging, which kind of baffles me – I don’t really care how fancy the container is, I want decent product. The idea behind this is twofold, to save money, and they say that all that fancy packaging ends up in land fills which is hard on the environment.
    They have two prices for items, one is the ‘retail price’ and one is the price club members pay, when you see the difference between prices the automatic reaction is to click on the join button and start buying shit like your life depends on it. Well, there’s a catch. A member is limited to $100 worth of product a month, at their low factory prices that is a shit ton of makeup. No, it doesn’t work that way, they go by the ‘retail price’. So, if I throw a foundation into my cart that I only pay $5.96 for but the retail price is $36, they take the higher price off my allowance. With that structure in place, you average between 3 to 6 items. You can upgrade your plan to a higher allowance, but of course that is more money per month. You always pay shipping and handling, and their distribution center is based in the UK. They do roll-over your unused allowance, and you are not obligated to buy something every month. So, if I go 2 months without buying, the third month I will have a $300 allowance. They even tell you in the FAQ section that if you’re not into paying shipping every month, to wait and let your balance build up and put one big order in. The minimum is a 3 month membership, you can cancel within 14 days of signing up, but I would imagine that you would never get an order placed and delivered in that amount of time. Seems to be pretty straight forward and a good deal. I was within a cat’s hair of joining last night and placing my first order, then I thought better of it and decided to look at some reviews first. I didn’t look at any YouTube videos, apparently the company sent some influencers a package of 7 items for them to use and help get the word out, I just read some in print reviews.
    The foundation seemed to be pretty decent based upon what I read, they have since added more formulas, but what was reviewed had a medium coverage formula that you could build up, was kind of dewy and lasted all day. One person said it reminded them of a Chanel foundation, another said Armani. Ok, great….I can get an expensive foundation for the low price of $5.96. Except I can’t. I’ve got to invest at least $30 for a 3 month membership and have to pay shipping. At that rate, I’m up to about $42 for their low factory direct pricing of $5.96. It’s not much more money to buy the actual thing they are trying to emulate, and I probably won’t have to pay shipping, as most sites give you free shipping when you spend a certain amount. Of course I wouldn’t stop at just one item, I would max out my allowance to justify my $10 monthly fee – but at that point, I’m just spending money because it’s costing me money to order from them. Once it was laid out in black and white for me like that from a reviewer, I decided not to join. Between discount codes, sales, coupons and points, I’d probably pay less in the long run buying the real deal stuff.
    I’m not knocking them, it does seem like a good concept – it’s just not a good deal for me with the amount of makeup that I buy. The $100 retail allowance is what turned me off, and I get the many reasons why they have it set-up like that – it’s just not a good fit for me.
    Sorry for the novel, I just wanted to see if anyone else had heard of them, and if they had any experience with their products.

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