Tom v Lu: The Cad’s Camp Speaks

Tom’s side has spoken to the press on his behalf and it’s pretty shitty. Saying Ku just married him to stay relevant on the show, she was unfaithful, and had a habit of physically attacking him.

She was in blind obsessive love with him and no one can tell me any different. She protected and defended him often to her detriment, and if it was all for the show then why piss Bravo off by not letting them film the wedding? Bull. I don’t buy that she cheated either. As far as getting physical we know she publicly slapped him, so that said, who knows what happened privately. But portraying him as a poor, hapless, bamboozled victim is pitiful and less than believable. Shame on you, Tom.

Talk soon, Lovelies


12 thoughts on “Tom v Lu: The Cad’s Camp Speaks

  1. This is just gross. You’re assessment is right Allie, shame on him. I now feel really bad for Lu, more humiliation. Will she even return? I admire her ability to let things roll off and not affect her but how much shit can she eat?!

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  2. Such a douche! I still think his playboy ways are an attempt to cover up his real desires. From the 1st time I heard him speak, I thought he was a ‘little light in the loafers’…not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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  3. what you said 🙂

    i feel proper sorry for her, she may be a pretentious so and so but i believe she loved him. There is no way she would have taken that beating from bethenny last season if it was for show. Although i think maybe she loved the idea of ‘love’

    I hate to imagine the ‘we told you so’ coming form Ramona and Sonja right now

    hubble bubble etc

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    • So do I. I don’t know if she felt like she had something to prove, or if she was so in love with the idea of getting married-or if it was a combo of the both. It’s just a shame, regardless because I worry that this divorce will get down and dirty.


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