What’s your weirdest dream?

So I have really weird dreams, sometimes I even wake up screaming. Last night, for the first time, I had sleep paralysis – which is not as much fun as they make it sound. I’m pretty sure I was neither abducted by aliens nor assualted by an incubus, I just needed to pee.

But later I had a really funny/weird dream, and I just wanted to share it because it makes me laugh.

I was in another city and I was car jacked. I don’t remember the actual car jacking, but according to the news report (yes, it was in my dream); I had gotten out of the car to look at a bathing suit in a store window when my car was jacked…by a bear – again, this was according to the news report. I was in the passenger seat – but I don’t recall the driver being a bear, so, fake news. We are driving down the highway and I’m fighting the driver (who I cannot describe because I don’t have any memory of what he looked like but it was not a bear) and we pass by 2 cops standing on the highway. I start shouting that I’ve been kidnapped and the cops look at me. The car is being driven so slowly that the male cop is able to run next to car and ask me questions. “What?” “Huh?” “That isn’t a bear!” and “Do you need help?” Then the female cop appears and starts to write a ticket to the driver, while I’m screaming that I’m being kidnapped and she keeps says “Ma’am, that isn’t a bear so no you’re not”. Then I woke up.

I think this dream means I have Mommy issues :).



6 thoughts on “What’s your weirdest dream?

  1. I’m jealous, I never remember my dreams – I sleep like the dead. On the odd occasion I do it’s because it was a terrrrrrrible nightmare.

    As I’m typing this I see that LUANN IS GETTING DIVORCED!!


  2. I don’t remember my dreams well except for a few of same theme. I am driving a car & jumping a body of water but it becomes obvious the car isn’t going to clear then I wake up. Not sure what your bear image is except something/someone isn’t what you believe they are. The cops though is just too funny. Next time just jump out!


    • I know, I remember thinking in the dream that the cop was running really fast, then I realised that the car was going that slow.

      And there are a lot of people in my life aren’t what I believed they were 🙂


  3. I used to keep a dream journal and had a bunch of books about what things in dreams mean. Now, I’m just glad for sleep and sometimes I remember my dreams, sometimes I don’t. Most of my dreams are of being a terrible mom and misplacing a kid somewhere. LOL

    I didn’t know bears could drive cars. =)


  4. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer so I have a lot of crazy dreams. Some of them are so real I have to ask if it actually happened….others, sometimes, come true…

    Soooo, if you hear on the news that someone has been carjacked by a bear you know who it is…

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  5. My sister dreamed years ago that she married a monkey and her, the monkey husband and their monkey/human kids lived in a tent village in our backyard….when the puppy, monkey, baby commercials came out last winter I fell off my couch laughing that it was her dream kids…LOL…she wasn’t amused by my remembering that dream!


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