Luann v Tom: Sh*t Just Got Real

So Tom, the incurable cheater, was caught by Lu twice, and the last straw was when he ditched her to meet up with his ex.

DM story below:

I hope, hope he doesn’t come crawling begging her back and she falls for it. He’s never going to change, she needs to wash that cad right outta her hair and move on with her life.

Talk soon, Lovelies


7 thoughts on “Luann v Tom: Sh*t Just Got Real

  1. As much as I’d like to gloat, I can’t do it. I get the whole pride thing, I’m one of those people who live by the “never let them see you sweat” rule. You know this has to be horribly embarrassing to her, especially after months of boasting of how much in love they are, and the thousands of times she announced that she was getting married. Luann has never been one to be known as honest, even to herself when it came to Tom. She lashed out at anyone who tried to tell her he wasn’t what she wanted him to be. I get it, she was going to be the one who changed him into a loving husband, in her mind anyway.
    Now, this friend of Ramona’s that keeps popping up – Missy. I wonder if she is the ex the ladies were discussing in Miami who is extremely wealthy. Also, is she who he was talking to when he announced he had a hot-mic on, and I wonder if she is the ex that Page Six was referring to that he texted and met up with on Saturday?

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    • You’re right-her name comes up an AWFUL lot. And I see exactly why Luann did what she did, but her protestations just seemed forced to me and she acted way too blind and unrealistic. The kissing in the bar photos were a big fat deal, and her dismissiveness was just as much a red flag as the cheating itself.

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