Breaking News!! RHONY Divorce!

People mag is reporting that RHONY Luann is divorcing Tom D’Agostino after 7 months.

Big Shock.

I’m faaaaar from surprised, y’all know how I feel about that union. But I feel bad for Lu. Dude is NO good though, but she was too stubborn to listen.

E! News link below-


23 thoughts on “Breaking News!! RHONY Divorce!

  1. After the smacking report, then I read yet another report of him showing up to see a woman in a public spot while he was apart with Luann, I’m not surprised either. Do you think the other women are going to rub it in?

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  2. How shocking!!! – said no one. It was obvious from their actions & happened too soon. There was no reason for them to get married after one year. It seemed like Lu decided this relationship was it & jumped in full force no matter what. Now both look like fools rather than quietly breaking up when breakup occurred & saving a ton of money & time & legal ramifications. Back to Sonja house!

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  3. Palm Springs, Darling!
    Sorry Lu, but all of your ‘good friends’ were just looking out for you. 💔 They weren’t all jealous.
    And best part is, you get to retain your Countess status. 😢

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  4. Even though I feel bad that she has to go through this… everyone told her not to! Cheating on her before they got married?? I’d say bye so quick! I wonder if it will be shown on the Real Housewives show?? I’d love to see everyone’s reactions!

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  5. I’ve been in plenty of relationships where I thought that the power of my love for him would make him change. I’ve been in a couple for several years before I finally realised that he’s just a dick and won’t ever be a nice person or treat me like a human being. I’m lucky I never married them, but if a couple of them had asked 5 or 6 months into the relationship, I would probably be in the same place Lu finds herself.

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  6. From the Rose to the thorn in seven short months. 🌹➡️ 💩

    And all of those other gals are going to vie to be The Mayor of I Told You So-ville.
    I take no joy in seeing someone else in pain. Why was Lu sooooo blind? Dunno….but in one way or another we have all been there. Not as publicly, maybe not as stubbornly ferocious.

    I hope she bounces right back.

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