Princess Diana


With the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death upon us, there are a LOT of specials commemorating her life on television right now. I, for one, will be watching every single one.

Last night HBO aired “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” which features her sons reminiscing about their time with her. On July 31 TLC is airing a special, and O believe ABC is as well on the 31 (I have to double check on that one).

As a little girl I was obsessed with anything Diana and the Royal Family. I woke up at 5am on July 28, 1981 just like millions of others did to watch a young girl become a Princess and the whole fairy tale unfold. Unfortunately, the fairy tale had cracks we didn’t see and ended too soon. I know probably way more than I should about the history of the Family from Victoria up. When Diana died, it was surreal and the true end of a special era. I was grown with my own children by then but the 10 yr old girl in me was crushed.

So enough about that. If you get a chance to watch the HBO special, do. It was so nice to see her boys and the obvious influence she still has on them today. They are definitely her finest accomplishment.

Talk soon Lovelies


17 thoughts on “Princess Diana

  1. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years, so unexpected and tragic it was definitely an end of an era. She had that “it” factor that made her seem special and magical, even when the flaws were exposed she was still an icon, but also seemed down to earth and real.

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  2. I watched on HBO last night, those boys though. I’ve always loved Harry – such a sweet soul, so much like his mother. I was happy to see William, never knew much of him but another lovely person. They do her proud. As someone in the show said – I’m not one for the royals, I’m a republican (not the American kind!) But Diana was different.

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  3. I was pregnant when she got killed, of course the news outlets played the clip of her and the boy’s racing into each other’s arms – over and over again. It broke my heart for those boys.

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  4. I will definitely have to catch that. I love them all. Well, except Charles. And Camilla, I always picture the queen passing the crown down to William, but I don’t know if she can side-step big ears.

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    • She won’t-but I don’t think he’s to keen on being King. By the time he’s on the throne, he’ll likely be in his 70s, so probably won’t have to worry about it for too long. Camilla won’t be Queen. As of now, she’d be Princess Consort, but Charles could give her the title of Queen if he wanted. He could also choose another name as King, instead of Charles. For example, Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George, had the first name Albert. He chose George, also probably because Queen Victoria made a decree that there could never be a King Albert. Sorry-I get on a roll with my useless Royal Family knowledge and it’s hard to stop 😜

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      • Stop…I love that people educate themselves on a topic and can discuss it in an intelligent manner. I abhor speaking to someone who think’s they know what they are talking about, but sound like a buffoon. I’m not lining up to collect my MENSA card anytime soon, but it’s nice when you can have a conversation based on facts and true information rather than the old “I say it so it must be true” concept.

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  5. It aired here on Monday and i cried all through it particularly as my mother passed recently.
    My mum was lucky enough to meet her. Over the last few weeks i have seen 1000s of pictures of my mum but the one that stands out is the one with Diana, not because Diana is in it but because of the pure look of joy on my mum’s face. Click my name if you want to see it as its on my bloggy thing

    I thought the boys came across so well and are a credit to her.

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    • I saved the pic you sent me of Mum and Diana ❤️ I got ready too-so sad she died just as she had found freedom and a new path, and those boys without their mother-they are definitely a massive credit to her. It was a great documentary.


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