Shahs of Sunset Post Mortem

Asa tells GG that she’s pregnant in a super cute way-GG is so shocked she throws her silverware. She’s super happy for Asa.

MJ goes to Mikes house Post party-now, I KNOW Mike, Mr premarital sex cheating on his wife is NOT judging Asa for not being married. Seriously, bro? So you just pick and choose what parts of your culture you want to respect. MJ joins in-because she’s a bitter and jealous hag. It’s Asa’s business, you jerks.

Reza is having a party to celebrated his one yr wedding anniversary with Adam.

Shervin, his GF, MJ Asa, and Mike are on a party bus with Adam and Reza for the party. GG is uninvited. They’re all guessing Asa’s baby’s gender. It’s a boy. Adam is persistent about having a baby.

Can I tell you how completely tired I am of seeing MJ’s udders flopping around ALL THE TIME? Put them away, girl. Over it.

This just randomly posted without permission. Awesome.

They’re at a wildlife sanctuary for the Anniversary dinner. There’s a white tiger. MJ in all her genius, asks if the tiger would kill her if she went in the cage. Moron. Go pet the kitty, MJ. Go ahead.

Everyone keeps mentioning Thailand and it’s chapping Adams ass.

MJ keeps asking to go into the animal enclosures. What is wrong with her? She sees turtle sex. They’re making some strange grunting turtle sex noise. Just like home, right MJ?

Now there are shrieking monkeys. One of the monkeys squirts “water” on Mike. Oh yes, I’m SURE it’s water.

The dinner table is set beautifully. It’s actually a cool setting. Asa can’t touch the animals, can’t eat the dressing….Reza asks Shervin if he and Annalise are exclusive, even though he knows the true answer, not the Shervin answer.

Asa wants to know who there is next to have a baby. MJ grimaces. Adam pipes up, he and Reza bicker. Reza thanks everyone for their friendship, etc.

MJ comes up w a great game-go around the table and ask anyone anything. CoughSetUpCough. Asa is going to “of course” eat her placenta. MJ asks if Jermaine proposed-Asa says no but they discuss marriage. Asa says she doesn’t want to be married this second, and they’ll marry when they marry. MJ can’t believe that no everyone is as desperate as she is to lock a man down so calls bullshit. MJ goes on to interrogate Asa, with a little hostility I might add, about her living arrangements, where her parents will live, why she’s been w Jermaine for 6 years with no ring and having a baby-Asa shits her down. Mike jumps in with pointing out that Jermaine is black, not Persian. Whoa. Reza says it’s no big deal. MJ wants her to “be real”. Adam says “lets open presents”.

GG is meeting with Adam. They hug. First time they’ve met since she attacked him physically. He wants an apology. She confesses to lying about the video. He accepts her apology. He tells her that’s as far as they go out of respect for Reza.

Adam comes home, Reza asks how it went. He tells him all she apologized for, and wants to give her a second chance. He tries to convince Reza to give her one as well but Reza isn’t ready.

MJ is drinking! What a shock. Her new favorite word seems to be “libations”. Reza is at the door and she gives him a libation. They’re all going to Shervin’s beach house and GG will be there. They are stopping in to see her father on the way to the beach. While she does her hair Reza cleans her filthy apt.

Reza and MJ stop to see her dad who is recovering from a stroke. Reza has a hard time seeing him like that.

On to the Malibu Party House. GG doesn’t drink hard alcohol anymore. Reza thinks MJ is in denial over her father’s condition. She wants to bring her dad to Vegas, Reza is like oooookay. But!! MJ says they’re going to Malibu!!! Get it together!!

MJ and Reza get there, GG comes to say hello and Reza makes himself scarce. GG feels the tension and it’s awkward.

Reza tells everyone what poor condition MJ’s dad is in and they agree she’s in denial.

There are a crap ton of people at this party. Even belly dancers. GG’s boobs are OUT. She has brought her new boyfriend, Shalom. GG is loading up on wine and avoiding Reza. Reza is rethinking his fight with GG after seeing MJs dad and calls her over to sit with him. He’s got a new perspective on life and wants to squash the beef.

He starts off by telling GG that he just wants the fight to be done. GG has a gift for everyone. She apologizes to Reza. He accepts it and it’s done.

Next week: Reza’s Halloween party. MJ wants to get pregnant. GG walks a runway. Group trip to Israel!


7 thoughts on “Shahs of Sunset Post Mortem

  1. ok I know they were both wrong but didn’t Reza make it his mission in life to prove that GG was lying about her condition? Did he apologize for that? Why does he do this every season? He chooses someone to have a social war with and then makes it all about himself when he is just a nasty individual!

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  2. So ok so I’m finally watching the episode! The scenes with MJ, her dad are heartbreaking! I guess the pig has a heart! Speaking of the pig, he is clearly jealous of Shervin and his alleged ‘ho’ days and wants to cause unnecessary drama! Worry about your relationship with your delusional husband! The way he talks being a ‘ho’ is a rite of passage! Gigi brought up a great point about Reza not taking ownership of his bad deeds! This is why I will never like Asa and I believe all this love and light is farce! If they want to be in each others’ lives it is important that they both take ownership otherwise just move away from each other. You see how defensive she was towards MJ? I kinda understand why Merce was asking some of those questions!

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