Is Anyone Else Watching This?

OJ. Oh, OJ.

He is rambling, not taking any responsibility, blaming everyone else, boasting, getting attitude with parole board members-this guy.

He hasn’t changed. He’s painting himself as a gang mediator, saying that that gangs came to him to work it out when they were going to fight.
He’s protesting wayyyy too much about not having an alcohol problem.

I can’t.

He won’t directly answer any questions.


Talk soon Lovelies



32 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Watching This?

    • I don’t know. I think he will be busy living it up & posing for selfies & finding schemes to make cash under the table since he still owes on the judgement. No golf course will be safe.

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    • With his ego, arrogance, and blatant disregard for rules? Not long. I can’t stand the guy. Someone they had on some panel on HLN said “he served his time, let him go!” Errr-no, he hasn’t. It’s called parole, because it’s getting out early dumbass.


    • Right. Bc on parole they will blood/urine test u daily then randomly like at least a few times a week if you are noted to have substance abuse issues. He will catch a few violations but I’m sure they will look the other way.

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      • I hope not. The fact that he couldn’t be bothered to take the courses that parole recommended would have kept him locked up in CT, and he wouldn’t leave til he took them. His huge denial over his alcohol usage will be problematic for him. I think the world will be watching and parole can’t mess this up.

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      • Yeah let’s not forget the huge avalanche of snow.. Ehhm that led up to many of his problems and was a huge reason he was friends and lovers of a particular woman who was supposed to be NBS “and best friend”. But u are right – if you blame your actions on any drugs or alcohol you have to follow treatment. But whatever oj.. Believe your own lies dude.

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  1. Gonna be unpopular but…he was not serving time for murder he was serving his sentence for robbery. He served his minimum and was released just like any other inmate. He had no infractions during incarceration so there was no reason to keep him behind bars. He’s an egotistical asshole that most don’t liKe because they believe he got away with murder but he served his time and was paroled. He now is a 70 year old parolee who gets a hefty NFL pension so he needs to keep his head down and stay away from the goldigger women who will chase him because he is an abusive jerk and that spells quick violation!

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      • Exactly Bobbi! You can’t take a strong arm robbery and turn it into a murder sentence. Like it or, and he totally did it, but he was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers….for whatever reason they found him not guility, he is legally not guilty in the eyes of the law. He served his time for this crime, it is what it is.

        And don’t get it twisted. There will be women who fall all over him.

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      • I agree. I believe he was over-sentenced because of that acquittal. The prosecution dropped the ball and Johnnie Cochran picked it up, unfortunately, because I believe he’s as guilty of that crime as he could be. He wrote a book about how he did it for gods sake-but he was acquitted, and that’s that. I hate his arrogance and flippancy. He’s going to have noooo problem finding girlfriends. Eww. Remember the one he dated, Christy Prody or something like that-who looked just like Nicole? He beat her up too.

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    • And I actually agree with you. The sentence he received for the robbery, 33 yrs, was absolutely a reflection of those murders. Not that I mind-but it was realistically not fair. I agree-he served his minimum with no sanctions or trouble and should be treated like any other inmate. Am I a fan? No. Do I think he got away with murder? Absolutely. I just think yesterday was a good indicator that he’s still the same egotistical narcissist he’s always been. Zero humility. So I actually agree with you 100% 😉😲❤

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      • He was offered a plea bargain of only 2 years which he refused. He decided to go to trial as was his right to chose. OJ rolled the dice & lost big time in the amount of years sentenced which often happens in felony cases. The years he got sentenced is all on him due to his poor choices in committing crimes.

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  2. He’s not “free” — I’m thinking he’s going to have issues being on parole. My first thought was to commend him for being a “model prisoner” for 9 years. But then came the fact that he didn’t bother with the substance abuse classes, even though he promised to attend them during his last parole hearing 4 years ago. It’s this kind of crap that’s going to get him in trouble while on parole. All it takes is having a parole supervisor that’s unimpressed with him and he could wind up right back in prison. I had no idea how hard parole was until I saw an excellent Frontline special on PBS. I also didn’t hear much humility during the hearing.

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  3. I saw an interview with a juror who said after reading Simpsons book, he feels he did those murders. I remember way back then, Robert Kardashian picked up a bag that was never seen again. That’s why Robert had to be his lawyer or he could have been called as a witness. OJ definitely needed anger management. He’s got a problem. He acts so entitled.

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