RHOC Post Mortem: Its Either My Way or the Feng Shui

Well-THAT’S a long title.

Shannon is getting ready to Feng Shui the place-my dog is going apeshit barking at Archie. He thinks that dogs on TV can hear him and are afeared. Not. Elaine, the Feng Shui expert, tells Shannon she needs all new things. Shannon says that things with David are stressed. There’s a toilet in her “relationship corner” and that’s gotta be fixed.

Vicki is talking about packing the office to move to a new space, her assistant tells her to calm down but that’s not in Vicki’s DNA. She makes a federal case over everything. Meeting with the interior designer is a treat-Vicki says Shannon’s Feng Shui is a crock.

I’m beginning to agree when Feng Shui lady starts saying the sink is female, the stove is male-come on. This is too much.

Aspen is fussy-Jim tries to intervene. Aspen has the farts. They’re packing to go home. The dog, named Girly Girl, has clearly been demoted to licking spit up off the floor and being threatened by Jim to be tied to the bumper by her leash. Babies. Hmph. Meghan feels like she’s in the middle of 2 warring factions between friends but Jim is more concerned with what’s for dinner.

Lydia and her husband are on location for a photo shoot. Hubs says if he met Lydia he’d approach her with a lump of sugar in his palm, fingers out of the way. Ouch. But pretty funny. They have a new magazine called Nobleman. Yawn. I don’t think Doug is wearing socks again. So an Oreo colored Rolls pulls up, I think this is when we meet Peggy. She’s with her husband Diko. Peggy just had some kind of surgery so Doug warns Lydia not to hug. Diko and Peggy are the subjects of the article and shoot. Peggy has sort of teased hair a la Melania Trump. Apparently Peggy just had a double mastectomy for preventative reasons.

Tamra is with Ryan, Sarah (they’re still together?) and Ava at a ranch in the rain. It’s Ava’s birthday so I predict some sort of pony rides. Oh wait-it’s just party planning for her birthday. It’s only the kids 2nd birthday and they’re having a tiger, zebras, and other exotic animals that should be frolicking in Africa or wherever, not gawked at by overindulged toddlers. I digress. Sarah and Ryan are irritated with each other and Sarah wants beer. Tamra and Sarah discuss the guest list for Ava’s party, and much to Tamra’s dismay, Briana is invited. Tamra says she’s cut ties with Briana as well. (It’s a kids party-Briana has kids, big deal!). Tamra is afraid it’ll be awkward. She unfriended Briana on social media without an explanation which she admits was immature.

Ugh, here comes Dodd. She’s going to work out with Michael. She says things are better with them. While driving Michael almost gets into an accident. They make it to the gym alive and get to working out with their personal trainer. She says she can relate to Shannon as far as working on her marriage.

Shannon is baking cookies and Sophie is getting her makeup done. I wonder how long before we see the Beador girls “modeling”? Sophie and her friend are getting ready for winter formal. Shannon reminds Sophie to cross her legs when sitting, because “that is a flippin’ short dress”. David hasn’t seen it yet. Shannon is crying thinking where has the time gone, her babies are all grown up…she burned the bread/cookies or whatever. Sophie makes her entrance and she looks pretty. David, as expected thinks the dress is too short. It’s actually tasteful, I think. Other parents and kids arrive for pics. Shannon is embarrassing shrieking at the kids to mingle. The limo takes off for formal. I’m sure the kids are relieved.

We get a mini tour of Peggy’s house. It’s big, the typical southern CA Mediterranean looking big house. Peggy is Armenian, born in Kuwait, and lived in SoCal for 10 years. She’s been married for 21 years and has 3 kids. Her husband has a luxury car empire. Peggy is having a luncheon for the family, she has had some health issues-she had breast cancer and instead of messing around just had the double mastectomy since her mother died from breast cancer. At the luncheon, her husband gives her an 85k diamond necklace and a 70k diamond bracelet. Niiiice. She totally looks like Melania Trump to me.

Vicki is at Briana’s visiting, and Briana breaks the news to Vicki that they’re going to Ava’s birthday party. Vicki looks not happy. Briana doesn’t want to hear any anti-Vicki sentiments, she hasn’t seen Tamra in a year. Vicki tells her to just leave if she’s uncomfortable.

The party for Ava is underway-its a little girls dream party with unicorns and cakes and cookies everywhere. Lydia is there with her mother, then Briana arrives. Sarah and Eddie greet her warmly-where’s Tamra? I guess they’re just going to avoid each other. Lydia’s mother is still fairy dusting people-good thing Ryan is still in OK. Briana leaves because it’s just too weird. Come on, Tamra. That was classless.

Shannon and crew arrive, Shannon and Lydia meet. Lydia is fake AF to me, she starts bringing up Vicki right away. Lydia introduces Shannon to Judy-Shannon isn’t about having fairy dust or confetti or anything thrown on her. Judy loves Shannons energy and throws confetti at her.

Everyone sings Happy Bday to Ava, who could not care about this huge party, give her some cake and a bib, and it’s probably all the same to her. She’s 2. Lydia brings Vicki up to Shannon and Tamra again, Shannon tries to warn Lydia about the allegations that Vicki made. Lydia tells them they’re behaving just like Vicki. Shannon stomps the brakes on that. Lydia needs to mind her own business, really.

Lydia wasn’t involved, she doesn’t know what happened, she needs to shut her mouth. Shannon is not feeling Lydia. She’s yelling at you, Lydia, because you’re so out of line. Doug shoes up and Lydia is relieved. Shannon calls David over to meet Lydia and Doug. Tamra realizes it isn’t going well. Lydia tells her mother that Shannon “screamed” at her for no reason-exaggerate much? Just decides Shannon is a lost soul. Shannon apologizes to Tamra for possibly offending Lydia, and Lydia rounds up her crew to leave. As she’s saying goodbye, Tamra tells Lydia why Shannon got upset, as Shannon eats. Lydia wants to talk to Shannon, and she exaggerates again about screaming and yelling. Tamra tries to intervene but Lydia is being an asshole. Lydia just gets more rude, and decides they aren’t going to get along or go to dinner or anything. Tamra tries to intervene again, but it’s hopeless as Shannon storms off saying “I’m done”. Well.

Next week: Peggy speeds, Shannon hits the gym, Shannon V Lydia V Dodd, Dodd is up to her rude self, Shannon loses it.


27 thoughts on “RHOC Post Mortem: Its Either My Way or the Feng Shui

  1. Omg, does Shannon seem off her rocker or what? She’s already losing it and we’re 2 episodes in.

    It is so hard to make money in printed magazines these days… re: Lydia, I’m not sure the point of starting a magazine for gentlemen, other than for social / “society” networking?

    *sigh* I don’t know… let’s just hope there’s no hoo-ha procedure documentation, that’s all we can hope for. 😉

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  2. Shannon needs to lay off the booze and whatever else she’s on jmo that’s what I see she doesn’t realize she’s embarrassingly loud and that temper is out of control. Now we know why Lydia came back to promote some stupid magazine and I’m all for being a free happy spirit and all but throw confetti or glitter at me repeatedly and you might get punched. This show has become a petty bitch fest and stale recycled storylines are not helping. Oh and that feng shui lady was an idiot how do you renovate a rental? And what’s the deal with a 1/2 painted luxury car?

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      • I, too, thought Shannon was way loud and seemed tipsy when the kids were leaving… she just doesn’t realize when she crosses that screechy threshold. I feel bad she’s in meltdown stage on tv, someone should step in and say, “Shannon, listen, take some time to yourself and go somewhere to regroup and feel better mentally and physically.” But, housewives.

        As far as glitter mom, whoa — that lady was lit on something, lol!

        The cars were Oreo, lmao… perfect description.

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  3. I peaced-out this year, sounds like a good decision. I do have a little spoiler, not that it’s that exciting, but Vicki made a Board of Directors for her COTO Co. She named 4 members, and of course Mike is one of them. It was filmed, now I guess it’s up to post production if it get’s aired or not. He seriously hates the show, he said he can’t get thru 2 minutes of it.
    Lydia’s mom has to be on acid or mushrooms, everyone I know that smokes pot does not go around throwing fucking glitter fairy dust on strangers.
    There goes Vicki lying again….a few years ago when she wanted to be up Shannon’s ass – she claimed on the reunion that the stupid bowl with 9 lemons in it increased her business by leaps and bounds. I personally think it’s hooey, but as long as I don’t get sales calls or people knocking on my door like the Jehovah’s Witness’ do, I don’t care how people arrange their furniture.

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  4. I didn’t like Gumby the first time she was on. She obviously read on social media that she was boring last time….so now she is going to “bring it” and go after Shannon. Shannon doesn’t need anyone to provoke her. She is already Ramona-shit crazy.
    Peggy’s husband has an Orca fetish
    Tamra is same old trash. Plans a two year olds birthday party at a beer garden. Nothing says Happy Birthday like Octoberfest for Toddlers.

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  5. I am so glad Lydia is back. Seeing her out Shannon into her place so effortlessly is amazing! Shannon needs to leave the show! She is not in her right mind and being crazy on TV is only going to further hurt her marriage and also her kids. Just look at Tamra’s relationship with her eldest daughter. Reality TV fame is not worth splitting up your family.

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    • I’m not crazy about some of Shannons histrionics but I don’t think she’s crazy-I think she gets really emotional, and I can get why. Vicki spread a nasty, damaging rumor about DV that hurt the kids too-true or not, Vicki should have shut her fat mouth. I don’t think Lydia does the confrontational mean girl role well-it’s out of her comfort zone because I don’t think she’s at heart a confrontational mean girl. I feel like Vicki got to her first, and influenced her opinion on Shannon 😜

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      • To be fair, it isn’t a rumour if there is a police report supporting the event alleged to have occurred. Shannon has a failing marriage, and like 50% of the housewives on this show, thought that going onto reality TV, no one would be smart enough to find the skeletons in their closet. She filmed knowing her husband was having an affair and her marriage was falling apart. Some people just prioritise being a d-list celebrity, over protecting their family. Shannon is a huge mess, Lydia said barely anything to Shannon to set her off. She clearly has either mental or hormonal issues currently. There is no shame in that, but maybe avoid filming for a tv show when you know you currently have a problem?

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      • Would I put my dirty laundry out there? No way. Maybe it was her way of processing it, or shaming David, who knows. It was her second season so she was already a public figure, she might have figured it was coming out regardless-she could run from it or own it and face it. As far as the DV, I thought what Vicki revealed was a separate incident, but I could be mistaken. Regardless of it being true or not (I think there’s probably some truth to David being violent other than the documented incident) it was fucked up for Vicki to make public.

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  6. I’m watching this now. What in the hell is a “toilet in your relationship area” suppose to me? Do any of you know about Feng Shui? This looks like a bunch of bullshit to me.

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