New “Tell-All” Alert!


Erika Jayne is writing an autobiography called “Pretty Mess”, due out January 2018. In it, she’ll address her marriage, the age difference, and her RHOBH experiences. DM story below:

Will you read it?

I’ll check it out from the library. Probably.

Talk soon Lovelies


17 thoughts on “New “Tell-All” Alert!

  1. It feels like it’s too soon?? How many seasons has she done? I guess it is usually the next step. I loved her until last season and now I’m just over her. I don’t understand why we judge people with nannies and yet we praise Erika for leaving her young son to move across country to become a waitress until she got a rich man to marry her..she didn’t “make it”, she married I to money and got Tom to pay for her to become a “performer”.

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    • Right?She’s only like, what, 46? I’d think she’s got a lot more life to live. I don’t really know her whole story, as far as her move, etc. Women with nannies don’t bother me, to each their own-I just don’t want to hear how exhaaaausted they are and how haaaaard motherhood is-I had 5 and was a single mom, no nannies. I could’ve shown ppl tired 😉. I also don’t get paying someone to potty train your kid. I try not to judge, I try to put myself in others shoes and be completely empathetic, see different perspectives. But I’m human too and might judge that a teeeensy bit 😜

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    • I agree, when I read about her leaving her toddler and leaving him with her ex. Then I found information about her ex-husbands stripping company and saw all the photos of her on his site.
      She could have had her son with her when she married Tom but didn’t. I guess it is possible they didn’t want to disrupt his life by then but I still think of him as a toddler then young boy wondering what he did to make Mommy go away. Kids always blame themselves.

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    • That’s an interesting article. Id’ like to know more…

      Speaking to the fact that the writer said (as of last year when the article was published) that she can’t find any evidence of their marriage, sometimes, high profile attorneys like Tom file confidentially. This protects their family from the slimebags they deal with. Granted, Tom is more of a corporate lawyer, it could still be the case.

      We were never allowed to give out our phone number to people my parents hadn’t met because my dad was a cop and he didn’t want our information out there. We also were not listed in the phone book and lived in a different town from where my dad was an officer.

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    • Juicy, Dee! I saw in another link, besides his stripper biz, he has some sort of fur coat line. Erika is wearing the ex’s fur coats (apparently, the ex is quite the jack of many trades, lol – marketing consultant, has the stripper biz, plus represents / invested in a fur coat company?) in a few music videos. 👀 Kinda odd…

      Well, I’m not one to judge the kooky ex — we all have met a guy who wasn’t “the forever one” in our youth, lol 🙋. Hopefully, her son had a good childhood; as far as judging strippers and what have you, if it pays the bills, to each their own. I’m in no place to deem what’s right or wrong.

      The story, as a whole, is an odd puzzle to me…

      I agree with you: she’s only 46. It is not like she pounded pavement before hitting it big as Erika Jayne, she did waitress, but it’s not like some major tale of woe (or maybe it is? I don’t know). Tom definitely aided her in more than one way. Life is MUCH easier when someone’s bankrolling your hobby – erm, I guess career – and lifestyle. Sorry for sounding shady — it’s hot and humid, and right now I’d like to give zero Fs about a few things, but ya know, responsibilities. Lol 😊

      Ooh side note, my beauty haul should arrive today! Yay!

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