Ann Coulter is an idiot

She got a preferred seat. They refunded her $30. She needs to shut up now.

I’m a conservative and find her to be incredibly annoying. Go eat a sandwich.


13 thoughts on “Ann Coulter is an idiot

  1. I could never stand her. Kathy Griffin used to make fun of her for showing up on the morning shows in the cocktail dress she wore the night before. It’s true!!! I’ve seen her on news channels with a black spaghetti strap, deep vee cut shiny dress on.

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  2. While I understand why she is pissed, she had no right to post the woman pic or post insulting comment about her. She didn’t chose Ann’s seat or insist that she move. There may been good reason for seat change which the airline chose not to reveal passenger personal info to a stranger.( such as disability, etc). It takes a lot for public to side with an airline – Great job Ann for taking entitlement to a new level!!

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  3. There are no words for this creature she’s an embarrassment to the human race. If she took my picture and posted it without my knowledge or permission and slandered me she better hope she packed an emergency parachute in her carry on!

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  4. She acts so entitled, as if she is better than everyone else. I’m shocked that someone of her age would throw a tantrum like this. Then again, look at our president. He is setting the tone for everyone else. It;s true what they say, bad behavior trickles down.

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      • After refunded her $30 , she claimed it cost her $10,000 of her time to choose seat, check on type of plane, review her choice …..
        Best twitter reply Chris Evans( Captain American actor) I totally get it. It costs me $75,000 every time I brush my teeth. I have to choose type of brush, the paste & sometimes spit out BS! (then a snowflake emoji which I don’t have). Please, how is the airline problem that you supposedly spend hours reviewing your seat selection?

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      • I think that she feels that she deserves the leg room more than the woman. It is so irritating to me. It seems people like her can’t put themselves in someone else’s position.

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