RHONY Reunion


The RHONY reunion was filmed this past Wed, July 12-above is the seating chart, with Bethenny and Ramona on either side of Andy. I’m sure there were fireworks between Ramona and Bethenny-actually it was probably more of crazy eyes drama from Ramona, with Bethenny calmly dismissing her with a blank expression. That’s probably the best way to deal with Ramona’s

What are the issues you want to see addressed during this reunion? Sound off!

Talk soon Lovelies


4 thoughts on “RHONY Reunion

  1. Hmmm, first I would like Andy to ask Sonja if she really wants a ‘partouze’ with Tom and Luann.
    And I also would like Andy to force Tom to play shag, marry or kill: Ramona, Sonja and Bethenny while being able to watch their reactions to his answer simultaniously! 😀

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  2. Speaking of Tom, Page Six is reporting that their marriage is hanging by a thread. They say they actually got into a fight in a restaurant, with Luann smacking him. It’s claimed that they have been in trouble from the beginning, and have broken up a few times and got back together. They called Luannie a ‘drama queen’ bawahahaha. She’s so stupid, she was warned – but chose to ignore it and blame Bethenny for telling her.
    Wonder if she will fight for that Penthouse that she is so fond of bragging about.

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