RHONY Post Mortem: Oil and Vinegar

Ramona looks like crap. She’s puffy and bloated. Too much booze?

Bethenny needs to set up the Mexico trip. Better be perfect. They’re going to Tequila.

Luann meets Ramona and Ramona orders eXpresso. That makes me so crazy. Say it right.

Carole went to court for Adam and got his security deposit back. The management co didn’t show so it was by default. But still. Bethenny can tell she had sex. Ramona texted Bethenny about the Jason crap but Bethenny doesn’t care. I don’t blame her.

Ramona admits she was drunk during their fight but still wants to make up. I honestly think Ramona just doesn’t want to lose the “celebrity in”. She’s a climber like that.

Bethenny will invite Ramona but she can’t be there for the whole trip. That’s a good compromise.

Sonja is getting her pubic hair lasered off and announces all of the other cast members that have bald beavers. Way TMI. I don’t need to be in the room when she has this done, and don’t need a description of her bush. She’s so gross.

Looks like they’re all meeting for dinner. Tinsley wears tights and Mary Janes. There’s got to be a fetish for that. Carole wants to set Tinsley up on a date. He has a promo code website. Bethenny ignores Ramona. Good. Ramona is sitting there, awfully quiet and demure. Won’t last. Luann just ruined Bethenny’s plan to have Ramona there a shorter time. Everyone’s talking about the trip and Ramona’s all like, um, well…Luann finally brings it up to Bethenny-is Ramona invited or not? This is a little awkward and mean girl-ish. I almost feel sorry for Ramona-almost. Bethenny really doesn’t want her there, especially for the whole trip-I get it. Especially after how horrible Ramona was to her in the Berks.

Tinsley is moving to a hotel. That’s so stupid. Sonja’s brows look ridiculous. They’re far too dark. Oops-Sonja doesn’t know that Tinsley is moving. Sonja doesn’t like that. Tinsley is a big baby about moving.

Bethenny decides to talk to Ramona. She says she won’t exclude her from the trip but isn’t comfortable because of how Ramona’s treated her and she doesn’t know how to move on from that. Ramona has a blank stare but I can smell the short circuiting in her brain. Bethenny yells at Tinsley to stop listening and tells her she’s rude (maybe they should have gone somewhere alone-human nature is to effin listen, especially when you know it might get juicy). Bethenny doesn’t believe in Ramona’s attempts to reach out. Ramona defends herself. Oh shit-Ramona says she’s not going tit for tat but does. Ramona is doing the talking with her eyes closed-now has switched to crazy eyes popping out. I give Bethenny credit-she doesn’t even flinch. Itd be difficult for me not to react to Ramona’s crazy eyes, hair flying, teeth gnashing to be perfectly honest. (With punch and dramatic hair flips) “My heart was cut out-and my LEGS and my ARMS.” Oh Ramona.

Bethenny doesn’t even flinch or blink an eye-she just rescinds her invitation. Wisely. Ramona blew it. If she could have just stepped over her ego and listened-but it’s Ramona. Ramona says it’s a group trip and she’s coming anyway. Psycho.

Bethenny is completely calm. And she calls it-Ramona goes from nice to bitch to ass kisser. And back and forth. Ramona retracts the comment that Bethenny slept her way to the top. She doesn’t remember it either. Ramona says she doesn’t lie. That’s a lie. The whole table just wants Ramona to shut up and be nice. Ramona decides they’re just oil and vinegar. Bethenny says they go together, you mean water.

Ramona is still insisting she’s going on the trip. Ramona argues that she’s not nasty and never been. Bethenny just can’t. Ramona leaves. Bethenny apologizes to Tinsley for snapping at her.

Ramona is with her trainer so she can get ready for the trip she invited herself on. She’s never giving up wine. We know.

Now for the double date with Carole, Adam, Scott, and Tinsley. Scott looks nervous. He’s red. They all seem to getting along. Tinsley is wearing her slutty tights. They’re all Leo’s except for Adam. Tinsley tells the story of her teen wedding.

Tins and Scott seem to have more and more in common the more they drink. She admits alcohol makes her more herself. Carole takes her to the ladies room for a time out. Scott likes her, but not sure about the wedding ring she still wears. Tinsley is drunk and loud. The wedding ring comes off. Scott hugs Tinsley and she makes out with him. He’s beet red now.

Packing for Mexico! Tinsley buys Sonja a poncho beach cover up, Luann packs her big tacky necklaces, and Dorinda almost forgets to pack her bathing suits! Omg!! As if she couldn’t buy any at the beach. In Mexico.

Next week: Mexico trip. Bethenny is not playing the “best room” game. Ramona doesn’t like that. Ramona wants to live in the moment, but Sonja can’t stop staring at her bright red face. Sonja and Tinsley fight. Skinny dipping. Dorinda slurs. Luann takes a digger. Bethenney v Ramona part 35.


12 thoughts on “RHONY Post Mortem: Oil and Vinegar

  1. Ramona’s affect is off, way off! I think it’s more than alcohol, prescription or other meds that need to be calibrated. Ugh, what a shit show this group of women put on. Another Bravo Housewives show jumps the shark. They are all growing old.

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  2. Ramona is fucking crazy, plain and simple. She has always been a loon, but she has completely lost any sanity she had left. You notice how every single time she brings up her divorce – she adds years to how long she was married? She hasn’t even known Mario for 30 years, let alone been married that long, the asshole. I’d bet that even though she was trying to diminish what Bethenny went through since she ‘was only married 2 years’ – that B probably had to pay out way more than Ramona did.

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    • On the wacky Ramona note, she is going to be on Love Connection tonite. I haven’t watched the reboot but I may have to watch. Run men, run!!

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    • I couldn’t have said it better, myself, Get Out! Ramona is so selfish, delusional and insufferable- this season she’s been the worst version of herself. I fast forward through her scenes- cannot stomach her bullshit.

      I so feel for Avery. She seems to be a smart, well adjusted young lady. She must be so humiliated by her moms actions.

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  3. i take back everything i said about bethenny and her ex. After watching the last few eps i think he is a complete and total tool. If its true that he calls her by her Mum’s name, well that is seriously twisted and he needs help.

    Ramona is just a cow. A hateful, jealous one.

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