Jergens Natural Glow: Go Or No?


I’ve been seeing this Jergens product on the Tube and the ‘Gram for weeks now, and it’s intrigued me.

I’ve been a sun worshiper for years, and I hate to think of the damage I’ve done to my skin. This summer I decided to lay off if the UV rays, but I wasn’t looking forward to the ghostly pale. Because I get DARK. As fair as I am, it must be the 2 percent Greek and Italian I’ve got because I honestly can tan ridiculously dark.

Enter Jergens Natural Glow. It’s not cheap-I paid 8.49$ for 4 oz at Walmart-I was fine with that because I wanted to make sure I didn’t turn orange.


I’m not orange. It actually gives you a realistic, healthy tan glow without the orangey hue. This is 2 days of application-and after the first day I thought “hmm-should I wash my hands? Nah. It’ll be fine.” It wasn’t. Wash your hands unless you want muddy palms.

It isn’t as splotchy as it’s photographing-I’m actually pleasantly shocked at how natural the color is.

It has a pleasing scent-typical lotion-y smell, it’s not greasy, and I do find it moisturizing.

So it’s a go, y’all. A great and safe alternative to the inconvenience of melanoma. Seriously though-if you’re looking for a quick healthy looking glow, Jergens Natural Glow is it.

Once you stop applying, it fades in about 2-3 days.

Talk soon Lovelies


14 thoughts on “Jergens Natural Glow: Go Or No?

  1. I’ve used this one. Less is more and I would only do two treatments per week. Three looks super orangy. Also definitely get a good tanning mitt from Sephora for no streaks or smears.

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  2. Ohhh i like that – i get the Palmers Gradual Tan one and that can go a bit oompa loompa if i go crazy with it. I got a St Tropez in my bargain shop and good lordy I should not have put it on my face – Mr Mouse had many hours of laughing at me – I was VERY tanned. Very nice on me bod though.

    Will have to look at for this one though it looks really nice.

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  3. I’ve never commented before but I’ve been following this site since the very beginning (leaving the abusive site that shall not be named). I really enjoy reading here.

    Anyway, I’ve debated about sending this comment, because it’s not spam. I just felt that I should say, if you want amazing authentic, honest makeup/skincare reviews from an industry professional check out stephanie nicole on youtube.

    She’s the real deal. I don’t know her personally, I only watch her channel but I think you’ll like her a lot. Her reviews have really saved me some cash. I’ll also understand if you don’t want to post this comment.♥️

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    • Welcome!! I’m so happy to have had you with me since the beginning-it’s been a crazy ride, hasn’t it? ❤️ I actually subscribe to Stephanie Nicole-I do like her no BS and the fact that she exposes what the industry doesn’t want you to know. My only issue with her is that she tends to inject herself into JS (and other) drama, essentially doing exactly what she’s scolding them for doing-name calling, etc. I just try to skip over that stuff though. Thanks for reading-so glad to finally “see” you! ❤️

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  4. I’ve used that brand for the last few summers, I’m an olive skin tone. I think this is one of the better ones in this price range. I really like that it doesn’t turn my hands a nasty orange color nor does it make my elbows or feet appear “dirty”. I know it’s not exactly healthy to tan and I’m much better about using sun screen now, this lotion helps me appear a bit darker. There’s a hemp lotion that smells so good and is very creamy that’s along the same lines as this Jergans. I’ve been using it the last several weeks and so far so good!! They also have one without the tanning add that I also like. My only issue with any of these are unless it’s completely dry it can leave an odd color stain on lighter color clothing. Same issue when I’m sweaty but it can leave a mark on light color clothing, but overall I really like both products.
    Here’s the link
    I wasn’t sure how it would be considering it was so inexpensive.

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  5. I’ve tried probably 15- 20 various self tanners over the last few years; both high end and drugstore varieties. My absolute favorite is Banana Boat. It’s less than $10 and is the most natural color (on my skin tone), moisturizing and long lasting.

    The few things I’ve learned are essential, by trial and error are:

    -Exfoliate well before first application and once per week, thereafter. A simple sugar scrub works great!
    -Moisturize! Pay special attention to any dry spots- knees, elbows, fingers and tops of your feet, toes. I put Vaseline on my hairline, the sides of my feet, between fingers and toes as a barrier so those parts blend seamlessly. Once Tanner is dry, I wipe off with a microfiber or soft cotton baby washcloth.
    -Apply either with a mitt or at the very least a tight fitting pair of disposable gloves.

    It sounds like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze!

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  6. They make a face version of this, I wouldn’t use the body one for your face. I used both back in my high school tanning phase.. I have very italian skin and I only used the light/medium when I was already dark, I’d be weary of using it too often or the darker shade.

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