Real Housewives of Potomac — Reunion Part 1

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Hi Lovelies,

Here’s where we can discuss part 1 of the RHOP reunion. I can’t even begin to try to recap it, but I watched it last night (IN MY AIR CONDITIONED HOUSE!!!) and I just can’t with these women.

My thoughts:

I thought Monique looked the best. I love her pretty ball gown; When she’s sitting, Ashley’s boobs look like they are falling out of the dress, but her hair and make up looked great; Karen looked like an old matron; Gizelle looked good in red with gold jewelry; Robyn’s dress would have been better if it was long. Not the (what I call) mullet dress where it’s short in the front and long in the back; and Charrisse looked too severe. Her Cleopatra hair was too much.

All the ladies called out Gizelle for being a bitch to Monique and they all really got on Karen for moving so abruptly and calling it shady. Once again, Ashley started harping on Robyn about her “situation” and frankly, Robyn is sick and tired of it. Ashley also commented about Charrisse’s situation with Eddie.

I really liked the side conversations that went on. The captions were gold!

Part 2 next week: the husbands join the ladies.



3 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Potomac — Reunion Part 1

  1. To hell with RHOP…HALLELUYAH FOR AIR CONDITIONING! Many moons ago, I was 81/2 months pregnant, and my a/c died in mid-July in the swamp that is Washington DC. I feel for you, it’s been a long haul!

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    • I can’t imagine being pregnant in the middle of summer and not having air conditioning. If I get pregnant, I’m hoping to not have a summer or fall baby. Winter or spring, only! I do NOT want to be super pregnant during the hottest time of the year!


  2. I didn’t watch this, I wasn’t watching yet another show where women pretend to hang out with each other, when in reality they can’t fucking stand one another – that’s why I’m not watching OC either. I did watch the first season, and I’m a tad confused about the Karen/house situation. What she didn’t let on last season was that her house had been for sale for quite some time, dating back as far as May 2014. So everyone jumping on her and acting like she packed up and moved in the middle of the night is confusing, considering how it took around 3 years to sell the place. I’m not giving her any love, I think she is full of shit with the whole Black Bill Gates and how she is the Grand Dame of Potomac and all that bullshit – it’s just another example of how contrived these shows are anymore.


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