RHOC Premiere Tonite!

I probably won’t be able to watch until tomorrow-but I’m looking forward to this season! Kelly Dodd and Vicki? Not so much. I loathe Kelly. Can’t stand her, despise her, I wish she’d go away-I think she’s a mean vicious alcoholic. Lydia was ho hum when she was on last time, let’s see what happens.

I can’t wait to see Meghan as a mom. I know she really wanted children, and that baby is CUTE.

Who’s watching too?

Talk soon Lovelies



9 thoughts on “RHOC Premiere Tonite!

  1. I find myself losing interest in all of the housewife shows. Kelly is a sloppy messy, not fun to watch. Lydia? Ugh…Megan? Snooze. That leaves Vickie and who else?

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  2. I’m watching the reunion from last year…That whole Ireland trip, the ride home and the reunion just showed how horrible these women can behave to each other. It’s amazing to me how they can spin what they did to justify their own actions. Megan was the voice of reason last year and I’m glad she got her baby!

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  3. I’m saying peace out on this season. I absolutely cannot stand Vicki, her victim act is stale. She’s a liar – not that all of them aren’t, but her lying bothers me more than the others.

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      • Dodd reminds me of Brandi Glanville in a way. They are both a fucking hot mess and when you poor alcohol into them the anger comes out. The stunt Vicki pulled in season 10 is from a whole other level.

        Actually I just watched that 3 weeks ago. I started watching RHOOC a few years ago but couldn’t get into it, so I quit watching after 4 episodes from season 1 or so. A month ago I decided to give it a try again and started watching season 10 and ma mouth fell open!!!

        I didn’t know any of these woman and I started out hating Shannon in the beginning and loving her by the end of the season. When she started realizing what Vicki and Brooks were up to, so was I and and probably everybody else. What a pair of con artists!

        Good season though and I especially loved Meghan’s sly detective-work! 😀

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  4. I watched but it was boring I really wish they’d get some new characters, you can pretty much guess the entire seasons stories in the first 5 minutes.

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