LORAC Pro Palette 3: Go or No?


I bought this palette about 2 months ago, but I hadn’t pulled it out to use until last week. Why I do that I don’t understand.


I shouldn’t have waited-this palette is amazing. The shadows are creamy and amazingly blendable, nicely pigmented-it’s got 8 mattes and 8 shimmers which I really like-often times you’ll get less mattes than shimmers in a palette which is really limiting. Here are the mattes swatched:

The second swatch from my hand is called Canvas, and the fourth is Pink Nude-they aren’t showing up too well in the lighting but I promise, they’re great.

Next, the shimmers swatched:

The third one in from my wrist is called Medallion and let me tell you-Spray some fix plus on your brush, pack it on your lid and holy cats.

There’s a close up-you can see Canvas and Pink Nude much better in that shot as well.

This palette retails for 44$-well worth it if you’re looking for a good nude/neutral palette. LORAC is pretty underrated, I feel like-they’ve been around forever and honestly have some solid products.

So this LORAC Pro Palette 3 is a GO!

Talk soon, Lovelies


10 thoughts on “LORAC Pro Palette 3: Go or No?

    • It’s really really really one of my faves. I have 2 palettes I have to review but I haven’t used them yet-as soon as I do, I’ll get the posts up. They’re so pretty-I can’t wait to get my grubby hands into them.


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