90 Day Fiance Discussion

I’m just gonna dive right in.

Mohamed doesn’t quite understand the process and definition of apology, apparently. Danielle’s sister seems to be more with it than Danielle? Like, definitely operating at a fuller mental capacity? But still. They all just need to leave each other aloooone.

I dislike Chantal more and more. She tells her parents that Pwdro is skipping out in the dinner because “he’s uncomfortable” kind of putting it on him-but she needs to say “I put Pedro in a terrible position with you all with my huge lie, and he feels like you blame him for it but it was really all my idea and doing”. She doesn’t seem to want to do that, she likes them to think he’s the problem. I do not like her. Immature spoiled brat. Speaking of spoiled brats, her brother River? Asshole. He’s rude and disrespectful to Pedro for nooooo reason, and it’s completely Chantal’s fault.

Next-Loren. I don’t like how rude Alex is to her friend, but that’s Lorens fault as well for letting her friend take the hit. It’s really stupid, the whole bachelor party thing. Big fat deal-you’re married now. Fess up, Loren!!

Jorge and Anfisa. I hate them both and they deserve to make each other miserable forever. That’s all I got for those 2.


Talk soon Lovelies


3 thoughts on “90 Day Fiance Discussion

  1. Agree with them all!!!! Anfisa has at least been honest and consistent with Jorge he deserves everything and she deserves him.

    Danielle fell into Mo’s trap again and is all batting eyes at him because he will talk to her. Dumbass. I do think she has some shortage in the mental capacity area.

    I feel bad for pedro. Chantal is a spoiled brat and not mature enough for marriage.

    Loren and Alexi are ridiculous that this tit for tat bachelor party crap is still an issue nearly 2 years later. #whatever

    Paola and Russ I used to like but he’s whiney and she’s allowing and almost encouraging people to be disrespectful to her husband. Is their marriage based on sex alone?

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    • Anfisa and Jorge-2 ppl have never deserved each other more. A match made in hell. Russ is a whiner but I’m glad to see him step up and go be with her. I think Pao was uncomfortable with her friend ragging on Russ-she looked it anyway


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