RHONY Discussion Thread 7/5

Oh, Ramona. Is it your mission to become as unlikable, unrelatable, and snobby as possible? All of the ranting about Aspen? Girl bye. And treating that ski instructor like a servant while flirting-it was the strangest combo I’ve seen, and oogy AF.

What did you think of Luann and her “I’m sooooo glad I’m married” comment at dinner? I found it pretentious and condescending-she’s been married 30 seconds and not only wants special treatment from the women that weren’t good enough to invite, but come ON. Yeah, you’re married. Congrats blah blah. Tom is loyal and faithful too. Mmhmm. Stop trying so hard, Luann-it might be more believable.

Jason-what’s going on with his court case, anyone know? Last I heard he was offered a deal that included anger management and he refused it. He doesn’t need AM, he says? Sure about that, Hoppy? You seem pretty miffed and since he seemingly can’t control himself, I dunno. Should be interesting.

I feel like it’s almost a kinder, gentler Bethenny. She’s been apologizing left and right when she messes up, and she seems less in the fray. I don’t blame her for 86ing Ramona, I really don’t.

Thoughts on this weeks episode?

Talk soon Lovelies


10 thoughts on “RHONY Discussion Thread 7/5

  1. Ramona is more out of comtrol than ever. I would have a hard time being upin the same room with her. Luann’s marital bliss…yuck, methinks she brags too much. Bethenny…maybe a new prescription?

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    • Heehee-new rx 😉 I get the feeling she’s just tired. Tired of being so hard, tired of fighting, etc. Ramona gets more entitled and vile every week. And ok, Luann, we get it already. I feel like she’s trying realllllly hard to sell and prove something.

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  2. Omg, RaMOANer would complain if God just offered her an acre in heaven. She would want at least 4 male angels. One to cook, one to clean, one to do her hair and makeup, and one to flirt with. Lmbo. She is so entitled that you would think that she was titled…Queen of the Land of Pain-in-the-Assia very near the country of Delusional. I am a very passive person but it would only take about 30 seconds of her condescension and I would slap the lack of acquired taste right out of her mouth.

    LuAnn has got to realize that the only person who is as excited about her being married for 30 seconds like Allie says is her. Even Dorinda is sick of it and she got invited to the wedding. The rest of the “ladies” are all sitting around waiting to see if the day they picked for LuAnn and Tom to split up is going to be the day it happens.

    I know Tinsley went through an abusive time with her ex and I feel bad for her. I really do but instead of continuing to live with Sonja and her rules, grow up at 41 and get your own place or move back to Virginia with Mommy and live by her rules. At least Mommy won’t be jealous about you using your body and looks to find a man like Sonja.

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    • Applause!!!! Yesssz, Hannah, preach!!! I get that Tinsley went thru a traumatic time, lord do I. But she’s absolutely not doing herself any favors by moving from one controlling situation to another. I feel like Sonja makes these rules up on the fly. Like Tinsley looks good today-random rule!

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  3. Ramona and Luann both have a history of treating “the help” poorly. Luann is back to her “The Countess” behavior, talking down to people, correcting their behavior, and her general attitude that she’s better than everyone else. I can’t stand that entitled bullshit, especially their petty and childish attitudes about what room they get.
    Tinsley is emotionally stunted, I don’t know if she will ever be an actual adult.
    Bethenny could add some finesse to her delivery, but her message is usually right. I totally understand why she is so high-strung. I have never liked Jason, he was really shitty to her but because he didn’t raise his voice or make a scene, it went pretty much unnoticed by viewers. It’s like if there isn’t yelling, people don’t understand the subtle way an emotional abuser tears his victim down. Even with 5 charges levied against him, people are still blaming Bethenny for HIS actions. I know his type, I dated one just like him and let me tell you – it is emotional hell. A physical abuser will be on their best behavior for a few days after they knock the shit out of you, an emotional abuser never lets an opportunity to pick away at your self-esteem. I just hope that the court case shuts him down for good, that he can’t continue to contact her “as he see’s fit” as he put it. Telling her she is old, ugly and irrelevant doesn’t have anything to do with Bryn’s rearing.
    I bet Dorinda is a lot of fun to hang out with, if you can understand what the hell she is slurring.

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    • You’re right, they both do. Luann kills me, she’s from Berlin, CT-it doesn’t get more suburban and unpretentious here, yet she acts like she was born into blue blooded royalty. Such a SNOB. Ramona has always been beastly to any sort of service people-I remember on one of their trips, she made a guy unpack her luggage. What? And her brand of desperate flirting is embarrassing and cringe-y. So entitled, both of them. I loved Luann post divorce, when she let loose and was fun and carefree. She’s maaaaaahhhrried now, dahhhhlings, so she’s much better than us peasants.

      Tinsley. I get it and I’m trying to be patient but shit or get off the pot. She’s stuck in Palm Beach, emotionally and I don’t know why she seems to be comfortable there.

      I got so sick and tired of everyone blaming Bethenny for Jason’s behavior, acting like his parents are these saintly ppl when I don’t even know what they have to do w anything-that she’s somehow driven him to stalk and harass and abuse her and she deserves it. I sorta think Jason was very aware and careful of what image he portrayed and their divorce is OVER. He’s got no business behaving this way, I feel like he knows her Achilles is her mother and her relationship with her daughter, and he uses that fully. Refusing to leave the apartment she bought pre marriage? That’s not controlling at all. I hate that she gets blamed for all his deviant crap and is told she deserves it.

      I remember on some other site (cough cough puke) I made the cardinal sin of defending Bethenny and said that when it came to business, if she was a man, no one would say two words about her methods. I think that’s when I was told I must be in an abusive relationship and enjoy it, because B is ABUSIVE and an EMOTIONAL TERRORIST and anyone sympathetic to her on any level lives being a punching bag. My eyes rolled out of my head. I emailed a fast and furious response to THAT ignorant bullshit, and actually got a backhanded apology. Ah-the bad ole days. 😉

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      • So you were told by T that B is ABUSIVE? Takes one to know one I guess…
        Speaking of abusive behaviour: how about that hairstyle Ramona gave Sonja, OMG!!!

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      • Yes I was-and that I didn’t understand abuse because I must be in an abusive relationship and like it since I would defend her. I make no secret of the fact that my relationship before hubs was full of broken bones-I put her in her place. I still have the emails 😜. Even tho she said that I never commented on or read her site. Not only did I, but exchanged emails with it. The lies! The lies. The lies! (Kandi moment-Haha) oh wow-that hairdo. Oh my. Yeah. 😂😂😂

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  4. I would never dine/ drink/ stay ect with someone like Ramona or Luann! Can you imagine what people they treat like shit do to their food, drinks and stuff! I apologize for putting these thoughts in everybody’s minds! Lol!

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