RHONY discussion thread

Once again, I’m not going to have time to recap-I’ve got appointments and won’t have time. I watched a little of it though-

Omg Dorinda yelling at Sonja gave me life this morning. That was HILARIOUS. Clip….clip….clip 😂😂😂

Tinsley. Sigh. Come on, girl. You are OK NOW.

Ramona and Sonja’s vacation room selecting behavior is so old and played out. Come ON.

Luann needs to stop thinking she’s the only person that’s ever gotten married and deserves special treatment. I think she’s been on enough trips with these women to know how room selection goes-Ramona and Sonja act like idiotic 12 years olds that’ll cut you for a double sink, and it’s first come first serve. Drop it already.

Tinsley needs to GTFO of Sonja’s townhouse. While I think Sonja’s treatment of Tinsley is controlling, demeaning, and disrespectful it is HER home HER rules, as lame as they are. Tinsley is a grown up and needs to buck up and get an apartment. I totally understand what she went thru was traumatic. I’ve been there. But you HAVE to pick yourself up and move on. Getting stuck in it, like it seems Tinsley is, will just keep you in a bad place and stagnant, and at Sonja’s. Girl, you gotta move.

Ramona. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Yuck. She’s turned into an awful, awful version of herself.


Talk soon Lovelies



9 thoughts on “RHONY discussion thread

  1. Contract obligation or not, I would refuse to ever go away with Ramona. Luann is just as bad, expecting a big deal to be made over getting married – from people she refused to have at the wedding. I get why she didn’t invite them, but she is seriously delusional to expect them to celebrate her in light of how she feels about them.
    It took a minute, but God Bless – we finally get drunk Dorinda. She disgusts and entertains me all at the same time. I’m not down with the drunk slurring and food flying out of her mouth, but she gets brutal AF, and that kind of gives me life.

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