Below Deck Med Question

What do you think of the Hannah and Bugs situation, with the iPad messages?

While Hannah shouldn’t have been texting with a charter guest, we’re all human and make mistakes. I think Bugs pulled a bitchy, mean girl move by reading them all day, sharing them with other crew members, sending ppl AFTER Hannah to see if she was meeting the guest-she should have signed the iPad out right away, said something to Hannah and left it at that. So much for having your girls back-Bugs showed who she is.

What’s the big male obsession with Malia? Does beer pour out of her cooter? Do diamonds come out her booty?

She’s a cute girl, don’t get me wrong. Messy AF though, I mean, dibbing and dabbing w 2 men on the same boat who are CABINMATES no less isn’t a good look for anyone, anywhere, but what’s the big deal about Malia? Adam is creepy clingy with her, Wes, as her boss knows better-I just don’t get it.


Talk soon Lovelies



7 thoughts on “Below Deck Med Question

  1. I love big brother, my DVR didn’t record it last night. I’ll have to catch up on demand. I’m on the fence w the iPad deal mostly only bc I think if shoes were flipped Hannah would have been all over Bugs had she hooked up w a guest. Hannah is so dam title happy it makes me sick!! I want to like her so badly but she bugs me to no end with this “I’m your boss I’m above you” type behavior. Interesting Hannah lied her ass off to Capt Sandy when in the end she knows it was filmed and the truth will be out. As for Malia is playing with fire Adam is gross. Wes is handsome but I’m a lil disappointed he “went there” with a direct report to employee. Guess he’s never heard “don’t dip your pen in the company ink well”. If both guys were smart they’d walk away from her. Just wait until Wes finds out her & Adam had hooked up before getting to the boat. Anyone else think Adam was being a tad clingy??

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    • I think Adam was being creepy clingy!!! It was weird AF. Malia just…I don’t get it. It’s like she’s the only female in Croatia. I wonder if Hannah is like that because she’s been disrespected so much. She has on the show by the chefs, many times, maybe some of them need reminding. I liked Bugs until the iPad incident-spending the whole day invading a guest’s privacy with other crew members? It was gross.

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