Crisis Averted

As most of you know, I depend on my iPhone for probably way too much. I do all of my updates, recaps, everything in that phone. It’s more than a phone-it’s got my whole life in it-passwords, appointment reminders, contacts-I’m sure most of you can relate. I do back it up on iCloud frequently thankfully.


It would NOT charge. The battery completely drained, I had it on my charger all night-nothing. Dead. No charging. Panic ensued.

I put it on hubs’ charger. Nada.

I did a hard reset, stuck it on Hubs charger, and hallelujah it’s back to life. It was just really really really dead, and so is my charger.


Talk soon Lovelies


12 thoughts on “Crisis Averted

  1. I hate that feeling I’m a constant phone breaker so my phones are usually not very nice!!! However I finally bought a Samsung S8 (after getting sick of last phone malfunctioning) but the prices of new phones are just ridiculous!!!! So now I’m extra extra careful with top of the line case! I will have this damn phone for the rest of my life but I love it! Lol PS I sent you snaps on my fabfitfun box!!! Pretty cool stuff let me know if you know about any of the brands?

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