90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After

I am SO excited that the show (well, a version of it) is back!! I don’t much want to watch porn-star-gold-digger Anfisa or her pathetic puppy husband Jorge but I’ll suffer through. I can’t stand her.

I love Paola and Russ, I can’t stop watching the absolute train wreck that is Mo and Danielle, and I love Loren and Alex.

I was going to recap but there’s so much back story for people that have never seen it-I feel like it wouldn’t make sense. But I have to talk about it. Have to.

I haven’t seen the episode yet, I DVR’d it and I’ve got an appointment at 9, so I’ll watch as soon as I get home. Can’t wait. In the meantime-discuss!

Talk soon Lovelies


29 thoughts on “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After

  1. Oooooooh…
    thx for the heads up. I’m going to record it but not sure when I’ll be able to watch. I didn’t know it was back. This is one ‘effed up guilty pleasure for sure😎

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    • I can’t believe we’re stuck watching Anfisa and Jorge again. She’s disgusting. Nowhere near as gorgeous as she thinks she is, she’s blatantly Gold digging, and I used to feel sorry for him? But not any more. He deserves every ounce of her nasty vile escort pig bitterness. That might sound harsh but he tolerates it, being hit, walked in, told flat out he’s being used-and he seems fine with it.

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      • Agree! He deserves what he gets. She told him straight up she was in it for money and said he wouldn’t be with her if she was ugly and fat. Girl, you’ve got a great plastic body but the face is as ugly as the soul

        This is my favorite show! We gave a bunch of people from various African countries at work who are on the h1b1 visa and I have joked that we should do the show

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      • Like I said, for like 5 minutes I felt bad for him but she straight up told him she only cared about his money, and he clearly only cares about her and her stripping/porn career. She’s not cute. At all. From the neck down? Yes. But she’s a butter face.

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    • Oh Gawwd, Danielle? Really? I’m so fed up with her too. She’s another one. When he refused to kiss her in their wedding day? Clue 1. Her rosacea faced friend Beth is no good either. I just don’t think Danielle is very….bright? She has a new boyfriend, but betcha she’s not gonna leave Mohamed alone.

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  2. I love this train wreck also. Anyone see the commercial for Spouse House?? Looks just as train wreckage!! I hope Nicole didn’t marry what’s his face. How TLC ever put those two on the show I’ll never understand. Filled? No other couples to choose from?? I wish they’d at least update us on Nicole. I think Melanie is pregnant, I’d like to hope those two make bc so many thought they’d not. As for feeling sorry for George? Hell no bc he only wanted her as arm candy and she only wanted him for his money. I don’t get how he’s suddenly so in debt. Maybe he spent so much money “renting” those vehicles last season? I see he’s driving a Jeep Compas now which I find funny as hell!! Not anything wrong with a Compas at all, I find it laughable that he spent all of the cash on renting stupid vehicles and now is driving a Compas. And why oh why did he even agree to go and look at that dam $7,500 per month rental home?? Sorry Georgie I think you both deserve each other!! Anifsa is not as gorgeous as she and George think she is. As for Danielle and Mohamed are the biggest train wreck of all but I can’t advert my eyes!!! I love Lexi but Lauren drives me nuts with her whinny voice but I can’t wait to find out what she’s been hiding from him. Clearly something other than the strippers Lexi was pissed about went down.

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    • Is Spouse House on Bravo? I haven’t seen any ads-Nicole hasn’t married Azlan but they’re supposedly still together. I couldn’t stand Nicole either. Ignorant, selfish, whiney crybaby. Total asshole. Wanting Azlan (or whatever his name was) to be draped across her constantly with his tongue down her throat completely disregarding his culture. She’s IN Morocco and demanding he disrespect his culture and religion because SHE IS AMERICAN, y’all.

      Yes, Melanie is pregnant and I love those 2 as well. Her sister is a bitch. Anfisa has a point, he DID lie to her, but since that’s all she cared about, his $, jokes on her. She needs to stop injecting her lips and focus on that schnozz. Jorge is a shady dude, I feel like. There’s a post a few weeks back about those 2 on here, veddddy good reading. I guess Anfisa’s porn career isn’t paying that much.

      Danielle is either really THAT pathetic or wants a storyline. Let it gooooooo. But she’s so damn focused on “kicking him out of Amurricahh”, she’s obsessed. If she’s so happy w her new boo she shouldn’t even have Mo on the brain.

      I looooove Loren!!! I feel like on social media she got a bad rap. I think she’s probably more than a little spoiled and maybe selfish, but she’ll work it out.

      Chantal did Pedro wrong. Lying from the get go and pretty much letting her family think he’s an opportunist. That’s all on her. Her family is a leeeeetle too wrapped up in her life.

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      • Danielle is still on the show because she needs the money. She clearly is undereducated and perhaps a bit slow…she clearly can’t earn the money to buy that trailer! Did anyone else notice how much of a wreck that thing was?

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  3. I still love Alex and Loren….i hope her secret doesn’t break them up….im thinking it was just kissing but who knows?

    I enjoy watching Anfisa. Watch her closely, when she says bitch stuff, she immediately smirks….shes being totally snarky but it’s not coming across that great.

    The other couple who lied to her parents….DIDNT THEY WATCH THE SEASON? Do they not know that she forced him to lie? Over her and her petty little games.

    And this is where I firmly jump off the Paola train. Sorry, she’s being a total bitch and letting her friends trash him, is really horrible. Russ is doing what he can and she’s totally taking advantage of him. That being said, I don’t know why Russ can’t find a job…i think last SEASON he said he’s an engineer….hell, I can get him a job tomorrow. And, PaoPao, honey, your hair looks like shit.

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    • Awww man I love Paola. I didn’t think Russ was fair sticking her in OK-what kind of modeling is an exotic Latina going to get in OK? Why can’t Russ get an engineering job in FL? Something is wonky about that-he shouldn’t be having this much trouble getting a job. I thought the blond looked good in the salon-she’s since lightened it more and it’s sort of Orange-y. Dark hair like that is soooooo hard to get a good blond shade. She should have left it the way the salon did it. I think she loves Russ-he’s just a little insecure which I get.

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      • Problem is though she knew they were going to be living in OK & didn’t start on the modeling thing til she moved here. Not sure what type of engineer he is but he was working for an oil company checking on the rigs & making big bucks. He may not be able to find another good position anywhere off the oilfields or wanting to start at bottom in another field. I had a good laugh when she claimed there aren’t any Latinos in OK. Apparently all the Mexicans & others from Central American do not count. To me it seemed like once reality hit, it wasn’t the lifestyle she thought & wanted more so goodbye to Russ.

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      • I thought she was modeling in Brazil? I think she just felt like a fish out of water going from Brazil to OK, haha verrrrry different, and thinking it’s going to be one way then living it are 2 very different things. I completely get why she’d do better in Miami. Sure, not what Russ signed up for. But there are oil rigs in the gulf, I’m pretty sure, they’re definitely not in OK unless it moved to the shore 😉

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      • I may be using wrong term but I was referring to the oil rigs on land. There are plenty of oil fields in OK & Texas. Maybe they are called pumps instead.

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      • Pao is drop dead gorgeous but I’m not digging the blonde on her. Her black hair was so shiny and beautiful.
        She and Russ are such an odd coupling (opposites attract?) I do believe they love one another. I’ve always gotten a gay vibe from him. His parents seem very conservative.
        These are only my opinions based on an edited reality show…though I love every second of it! Haha

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      • I love Pedro…totally don’t like Chantal, nor her busybody family. Now that they’ve watched season 1, there’s no excuse for them to not see that it was their little princess who kept procrastinating on telling them about the K1 Visa and impending marriage.
        Poor Pedro!

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