RHONY Recap: Regency Reunion

Tinsley is waiting for Carole at a little restaurant-Carole is really liking Tinsley so far. Tinsley reports that her mom and friend are coming to help her apartment hunt. Carole and Tinsley both attended the Winter Wonderland Ball at the NY Botanical Gardens (Carole slayed) a few weeks ago and Carole reads Tinsley a gossip blurb about her, that also mentioned Carole, from the NY Post. Tinsley is overwhelmed being back in NYC because of her past. Carole suggests reinvention, like cutting or coloring her hair but Tinsley gets panic stricken at the mere thought of not being blond, or not having her curls. Girl. Carole does have a point but Tinsley is not having it.

Sonja is having lunch served by Frenchy. He’s moved in and is extra. Frenchy predicts that they’ll be very happy and thinks Sonja should shut the door when she’s pooping. Sonja thinks he shouldn’t even be on the same floor if she’s going and should ask permission before climbing the stairs. She is cray. Sonja doesn’t think Tinsley should be in such a rush to leave. Now Sonja and Frenchy are chatting in bed about those “beechez” and how their relationship is no ones business. He mentions a text he got from a friend about Sonja and Rocco. Sonja lies.

Ramona Facetimes Avery to tell her the kitchen is finished. She wants to have a cocktail party to celebrate the completion of her renovations and is inviting Bethenny. She feels bad, wants to make amends and really has no idea how things got this far. Really?

Tinsley and her mother Dale are meeting with Chris, the friend/realtor to apt hunt. He tells her they’re in the “primest” neighborhood in the West Village. They look at a 4 bedroom ridiculously priced apartment with a tee-tiny master bedroom. It’s pretty, but for almost 9k a month? Tinsley says she can afford it but wants to keep looking.

Carole is having her interior designer over to finally refurbish the couch she inherited from her mother in law. It’s old, classic, has a lot of history but is beat to hell. She’s been collecting fabric swatches and the designer is like whoa. There’s a lot. There’s also a cat hanging from the curtains. Adam shows up bearing flowers and is picking up the last of his things. Carole is relieved for the space and knows their relationship will get much better. She wants his Buddha head though, and is willing to trade him-he wants her lamps. The designer says no way-Carole says they’ll talk later.

Back to the apt hunt with Tinsley and co-they look at another 9k apt but this one is WAY nicer and she’s dumb if she doesn’t take it. Tinsley hems and haws, she’s not sure if she’s “mature” enough for an apt and the responsibilities (wait what?) and starts to go in panic mode about renting. She’s kind of overthinking this and being a baby. Shit happens-she’s 39 or so? I kind of get it but come ON.

Bethenny has Fredrick over to declutter and simplify her apt for sale. He wants the bar out-she doesn’t think it can be moved. She did some furniture moving and Fredrick is happy with everything but the bar. Bethenny makes a call and finds out it’ll probably break if they try and move it, which Fredrick is fine with. Bethenny is not. She spent 40k in it (for WHAT?) and doesn’t want to break it.

Carole is packing for the D.C. women’s march. She and Dorinda are going together.

Sonja is in Hoboken NJ to meet Rocco for dinner-sort of out of the way, no? They’re so happy to see each other. Does he own this place? The restaurant is shut down just for them. She’s got to tell Rocco about Frenchy. She starts off telling him the Tom saga, and Rocco says some guys think the way Tom behaved is normal. Sonja says she doesn’t like it, she wants “normalty”. Now she’s got to explain Frenchy and is stumbling over her words, doing it very poorly. Said he’s a complete stranger she slept with and now he’s moved in and she doesn’t know how it happened (basically, that’s what I got anyway). What a liarface. She tells Rocco that there’s no other guy like him though. Lies. Rocco wants to know the status of their relationship.

In DC, Carole, Dorinda and Hannah are marching. Some of the chants are funny. There are so many people, they have an amazing day.

Ramona is prepping for her cocktail party to show off her apartment. Her hair looks awful and weird, in a tight high ponytail but it’s too severe and her ponytail hair is fried. Carole is the first to arrive and noticed Ramona’s weird hair. Tinsley and her mom arrive, she introduces Ramona to her mom-you can definitely see the 2 eyeing and sizing up each other. Dale comments in Ramona’s pony. Ramona thinks her pony is edgy. It’s not.

Tinsley is rehashing her apartment hunting drama to Carole and complaining about how overwhelming it is. Waaah. Dorinda walks in-I think she should trash a room. She’s too classy for that. I’m not. Oh look-Harry Dubin. I feel like when he’s on the show he tries extra hard to be schmexy and he just comes off as smarmy and gross. He says hello to Tinsley, she introduces him to her mom. Harry is openly staring at Tinsley’s chest, compliments her cross necklace then comments on her chest. Tinsley is grossed out. She drags her mom away, calling Harry an asshole, but he follows them because he’s gross and persistent.

Sonja’s here! Ramona calls her Sony. Sonja turns the corner and hears “hello, Sonja” in a Hannibal Lector-y voice but it’s Harry. Of course. She’s like really? Harry?

Harry like Sonja’s red lipstick. She tells him she’s turned over a new leaf, and he wants to see it. Ugh. Tom and Luann stroll in. Luann actually tears herself away from Tom’s side long enough to sit with Dorinda and Carole. She asks if Bethenny is coming-no way. She was invited but declined. Ramona and Bethenny still are not speaking.

Now Ramona has joined them and Dorinda asks what they have to do to get Bethenny and Ramona back together-Carole recommends a text and meeting in private. Ramona gets defensive and says that it wasn’t all her, why is she getting all the blame? Carole explains that Ramona went to unnecessary lengths to insult Bethenny, but Ramona says “hey, I was attacked!”. That didn’t happen but ok. Ramona says she doesn’t even remember what she said and blames the fact she was drinking on Bethenny-Ramona was “nervous”. Ramona says she really loves Bethenny and wants to reach out and make amends.

More Harry, yuck. A woman named Missy walks in, she used to date Tom. Harry orders her to “come here!”, she scoots away. Missy gets introduced to Luann, Tom is a bit red in the face-and he reminds the ladies they met once before at the Regency.

Tom and Missy awkwardly conversate-like, they’re talking without trying to look like they’re talking-she comments on his wedding ring and Tom compares it to being a dog with a collar. Excellent. Great pick, Luann. Lu whispers to Tom asking if that’s the woman from the Regency, she’s got that fake nervous smile plastered on her face-he says “it’s Missy”. Lu prods a bit more and he admits they dated. She’s still wearing the fake, forced, nervous smile and is totally crowding him. I’m waiting for her to lift her leg and mark her territory. I don’t buy for one SECOND that she’s secure in all this.

Harry is now honing in on Missy. He’s trying to get the details of the Regency hookup with Tim in the bathroom (that place needs a serious bleaching) but she’s not going there. Lu and her freaky forced smile scare her, and she doesn’t need that mess coming for her. Harry tells her that she’s the full package, and she says “you snooze, you lose”. I think Lu did her a favor. If I owned or managed the Regency I’d be pissed-the image Tom gives it isn’t a good one-a sleazy, skeezy pick up/cheating bar where middle aged bald men bang chicks in the bathroom. Not a good look. For either. It’s Toms personal bachelor pad. He’s gross too. Anyway-

Dorinda is doing the robot dance in the corner. Sonja thinks that Ramona invited Missy on purpose, starting drama.

Next week: Bethenny plans a Vermont trip. Tinsley can’t sleep. Sonja offends Luann. Tinsley melts down.

Talk soon Lovelies



55 thoughts on “RHONY Recap: Regency Reunion

  1. “Lift her leg and mark her territory.” I’m dying. Anything Lu gets, she has more than opened herself to. She was warned, several times. She keeps crowing she ‘won’ – I don’t know what she think’s the prize is, it certainly isn’t Tom. I know I rag on her every chance I get, I simply do not like her.

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  2. Tinsley absolutely needs a hair makeover! She has had that same hairstyle since the early ’00s. She would look fricking awesome with short hair I think. And not many can wear their hair short, but I think Tinsley would look great with a cut to the nape of her neck and long, sweeping bangs. Think Linda Evangelista 90’s.
    Here’s a pic

    Anyhoo- I don’t mind Harry as much as the rest of you. I find Frenchy way worse.
    Also regarding Ramona’s bopper ponytail. It doesn’t work on her at all! Way too severe. She needs a softer look with those bug 👀.

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    • I agree with you on the hair, Pip….a new look can be great. did you notice in the talking heads Sonja and Dorinda changed the color/tone of their hair. It looks so much better!. Ramona, ponytail….no…you’re 60 something, not 20 something. it seemed to me that Frenchie needed a place to call his own when he’s in town…not sure I believe there’s anything other than a convenient hookup. In my glory tonight, Pip—Wentworth Season 5 came to Netflix! Yeah!

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      • OMG! So funny you mention that! I KNEW someone else here watched it, but couldn’t remember who! I am watching it now. On episode three. I love this show… it cracks me up because it reminds me of a seventies soap opera… I think it’s the music they use between scenes. It’s very Prisoner: Cell Block H. And Ferguson reminds me of Barnubus Collins from Dark Shadows! (Probably two references you won’t get. I was a TV junkie even back then as a kid)!

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      • I love the new tone and cut on Dorinda! I think you all are right, Tinsley and Ramona need to change their hair style. Gosh, so do I! Done lol

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    • Totally agree on Tinsley’s hair. Same old same old, that Linda look would be bomb on her! Frenchy is a close second to Harry, but the common denominator is Sonja, what’s that tell ya? 😜 the ponytail was just SO bad. Sobad.

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      • I just thought about this, perhaps Carol should take her own advice and get a new cut? Just a thought, Yes Ramona needs some depth in her color, maybe a darker richer base, I love caramel with highlights. It also helps to hide the thinning.
        I looked up Tinsley, she has a very sad past.

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      • Hey Maisey May-
        I agree. Linda E. was cool. I liked Christy Turlington, too. Super models were SUPER MODELS back then. Now they are the Hadid sisters and all these kids who don’t have anything that special. Just famous parents. It’s kinda lame.

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      • They’re social media models. Dime a dozen. Personally? I don’t think Bella Hadid is drop dead hype. She never smiles, looks dead behind her eyes, and is average at best. Gigi looks like every other California blonde with more moles. The Hamlin sisters are prettier, IMO. I hope Delilah isn’t injecting her lips tho.

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  3. I wonder if all the doors in Ramona’s house are unhinged also?

    A scene I would love to see on next season: Tom and Luann throw a posh cocktail party. In walk Ramona and Bethenny. Luann, being the gracious host brings them over to introduce them to a couple of guests. “Ladies, I think you remember Mario and Jason.”

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  4. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m sooo team Luann and Tom.

    All the other ladies are extremely miserable because their husbands either dumped them or died on them and the lenghts they go through to try and sabotage Luann’s relationship are more than extreme: they tried to sabotage her engagement, tried to prevent the marriage from happening, and keep coming up with dubious sources and persons who have ‘dirt’ on Tom even AFTER the wedding. If I had friends or co-workers who did that to me I would hit them in the face with a hammer!!! Instead Luann keeps her cool and kills them with kindness.

    She’s a class-act as far as I’m concerned.

    Does Tom keeps his pants on when she’s not around? Don’t know, probably not. Is it any of our business? Cetainly not!

    Frederic was wrong in wanting to get rid of that bar in B.’s apartment: it’s lovely!

    By the way: I liked Ramona’s apartment better before the redo; she went from colonial chique to the late 1980’s with her decor.
    And Dorinda SHOULD have torn that origami-lamp from the ceiling!!!

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    • Well Drankge—clear a seat on that lonely Lu and Tom bench for me. AND pour us a glass of champagne. 🥂
      I can’t help it…I enjoy LuTom –( Tomann?)
      She is mature, reasoned and knows what she wants. She wants a companion, or playmate as she says— to grow old with. On yatchs. In penthouses. In the South of France.
      She has her faults. And he has more.
      They are going to have fun while the other women are going to comprise a chorus of bitter Heckle and Jeckles constantly commenting, hectoring and interfering.
      You know…cuz they are such experts on lasting romantic relationships.

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      • Slide on down, I’m hanging on this bench too. I LOVE Lu….I hope her marriage is happy, her previous one didn’t end well so I’m really pulling for her. I feel so bad that fucking Ramona is trying so hard to ruin her life. Really? Inviting ex’s to her party without telling me? I’d be done….and I would’ve thrown her through a glass table or 7.

        Ramona is trying too hard, she looks like shit….if she was poor she’d be shopoing at Forever 21. She’s too fucking old to be dressing how she does. I’d be mortified if my mother walked around with her tits and vag hanging out. I’m getting firmly on the Ramona hate train.

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      • I sooooo agree about Ramona!! Poor Avery. She seems like a lovely young woman, did Ramona do that? Because I can’t see how. I think Ramona needs to look a leeeeetle bit harder at her drinking.

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      • I don’t know-I just feel like Lu is uptight about their relationship and trying realllllly hard to sell Tom on everyone. The hovering and nervous fake smile, and utterly ignoring his public transgressions are baffling. But like you said-no ones biz, if she can live with it, more power to her. I don’t have to wake up w him every day, do not fit me to concern myself with. I just felt like she was so much stronger right after her divorce, more confident. She strikes me as needy, clingy, and less self-assured. That’s just moi. 😁😜

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      • I didn’t use to be a big Lu-fan, but 3 years ago I found her hysterically funny while in her bathrobe with sunglasses telling Heather and Carole to not be all ‘uncool’: hilarious!
        Then she kept her cool very well last year in the Berkshires while B. called her every vile name in the book, I really respected her for the way she handled herself. And shortly after that I watched the “Before they were housewives: Luann”-special and that sealed the deal for me! I love Luann and I totally understand where she is coming from and how she wants a playmate in her life. Respect!

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      • She’s from my town! I actually saw her brother Michael just last week (the one who walked her down the aisle) she’s a hometown girl-I WANT TO LOVE LU!! I’m just sooooo disappointed in her delusion, she seemed so no nonsense and strong, and to tolerate what she’s seemingly tolerating-I just want MORE for her. I’m not like, too invested. 😂😂😂

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      • But maybe he is what she wants and they have an agreement of sorts. Or some kind of understanding. The Count was probably cheating on her for years. Some woman can tolerate that if it affords them a certain lifestyle. I think it’s most important to be happy and different things make different people happy. JMO.

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      • Very true. Supposedly she and the Count had an “arrangement”. It’s just a vibe I get, kwim? But who am I-I don’t know her, all I know is what they air. I hope it works out. I just have a not good feeling.


      • Maisey, I opened a bottle of Piper Heidsieck cuvee sublime demi sec; will that do for you? NoLife: a glass as well?
        Or MAYBE we can each drink 3 whole bottles and then take turns slurring drunken speeches to LuTom ‘Dorinda-style’..! 😀

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      • I’m on the Tomann train, too. They seem to really dig each other. It sucks that no one is happy for them.
        I am just watching this right now (I had only read the recap when commenting last week). Sonja is telling Rocko all about Tom, AGAIN. Sonja needs to move the hell on. She seems stuck on this. It’s making her seem jealous.

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      • Did you see the Before They Were Housewives-Luann Special Allie? She came of very authentic to me during that ‘documentary’…

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      • I did! I agree-I loved that special episode. I know exactly where they were when they were filming-and none of it was far from my house. Hubs went to school w her nephews. I loved Lu-but the new Lu with Tom? I just don’t feel like he brings out the best in her. I think she deserves SO MUCH BETTER and can find it. She’s clingy now, the fake smile she’s always got-I just feel like he’s going to really really devastate her and steal her light. He’s a scum.

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      • Maybe she really doesn’t care that much if he wanders a bit; as long if it’s not public knowledge… Some people have (good) relationships like that. I think she had that sort of arrangement when she was still married to ‘The Cunt’, and didn’t she also once cheat on Jacques herself with a pirate or something?
        The girl probably wants to have fun and she want a companion.and she’s happy… and everyone else hates her for it.

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  5. Ramona’s apartment looked much better before the redo. That lamp she was on about looks like it would be better suited for a commercial establishment. I had to laugh when Romana was trying to convey the impression that she does a lot of entertaining at her apartment and she started running down the list of things she has there, and stopped at one.

    Not to be outdone though the bar at Bethany’s apartment looks ridiculous. It’s too small and looks out of place. I agree with Frederic it needs to go, and if it breaks, oh well, it was kind of dumb to spend 40k on that thing, she’s not going to get a fraction of that if she tries to resell it. I hope Frederic prevents her from installing it in a new apartment.

    I don’t believe for a second that Ramona innocently invited Missy to the party. The way Tom and Missy were acting when they met makes me think Tom’s been cheating around on Lu already. Tom is so freakin sketchy, the way he explained Missy to Lu just screams scumbag trying to hide indiscretion. Part of me feels sorry for Lu, but not too much, she knew what she was getting, and it’s not like she wasn’t warned several times.

    Tinsley’s mother with that crack about the small closet being a hand bag closet instead of coming off as funny read rather entitled to me. I’m willing to bet that attitude is going to eventually crop up in Tinsley sooner or later. I hope not because for the most part I’m with Carrol I like Tinsley so far.

    Speaking of Carrol what is the deal with her and her boyfriend. Is she really trying to convince herself that him moving out is better for the relationship but that it’s still a strong relationship. The way she told him to take his cooking stuff and boxes with him was like, well, kind of like get all of your shit out of here except this bust which I’m pretty sure is mine anyway. Were I him I would feel thrown out by her the way she describes it. It’s like she wants the trappings of a relationship but not the actuality of one. Like she doesn’t want the hassle of maintaining an actual romantic relationship. Which is cool I guess. There’s nothing wrong with that, but were I her boyfriend I would move on because it’s obvious she finds having him around too constricting. Don’t think she wants that relationship to go anywhere but where it is. And I hope he’s not foolish enough to waste his youth hoping for something more from her.

    Here’s a thought and I don’t really know why I just had it, but what if it turns out it was his idea to move out all along.

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    • I find the whole moving out thing a bit suspect as well. I think Dale, Tinsley’s mom? Is a hoot. I think her plastic surgery might be a wee bit botched tho. Sorry Dale, just saying what I see. Ramona needs to quit it. She’s not 35, her ponytail was awful, and her treatment of others is abhorrent. Knock it off, lady.


  6. Off Topic: Sometimes I would like to add lovely emoticons to my comments Maisey-Fantayzee-way (kisses, hearts, flowers and bottles of champagne); but I don’t know how to do it…
    Anyone got any tips on how to do that?

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  7. Also, I think Rocko seems like a nice guy. Sonja is a fucking man-eater. Not trying to slut shame here, but she is over the top. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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