What’s annoying you?

Let’s use this thread to post about what’s really pissing you off and annoying you.

I’ll start:

  1. This effing heatwave. It’s been 105+ every day since Saturday and tomorrow is supposed to be 110+.
  2. While I think I killed all the mice, last Friday night, I found a dead rat under the dishwasher and totally freaked out. Of course, I was the only one home and had to deal with it.
  3. MY AIR CONDITIONING WENT OUT LAST NIGHT and the home warranty people have no idea when they can send someone out to fix it because all their contractors are booked solid BECAUSE OF THIS DAMN HEATWAVE.

I’m over being responsible. Can I just pack up my family and find a deserted island and live in a hut on the beach?

P.S. We are out of the house until the a/c is fixed. I will try to log into my DVR to watch RHOP and recap, but I can’t make any promises.



11 thoughts on “What’s annoying you?

  1. I’m pissed off for you that the A/C went out. I do not like to be hot, I sweat like a pig and the wetter I get, the madder I get. I would rather be cold, you can put layers on, lie under a cover and turn up the heat. When you’re hot, it’s a bitch.

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    • Thanks.

      It’s the worst. I had a literal meltdown last night… between sweating, crying, being on hold with the home warranty company for over an hour, packing up clothes, getting the dog in the car and going to my brother’s (because it’s close to my work and the commute is 6 blocks), yesterday turned into the worst day.

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  2. I am annoyed that there is no where for me to talk about Southern Charm! (Just kidding, Theresa… I know how recapping is… Time consuming!). However, I am going to say this here… I can’t BELIEVE Kathryn said that Landon tried to fuck Shep, Austen, and Thomas!! Hahaha! Projection much? What a joke. Kathryn is the one who is guilty of the hat trick, not Landon. She is fucking evil. Trying to push her own slutty behavior off on Landon. And I don’t even LIKE Landon. Oh damn! That burned me!
    I’m sorry for your lack of AC, B&B !! I go berserk when I am too hot and when our electricity goes out. I think it’s probably extremely rough on us “women of a certain age”😉
    I totally empathize girl. Hope you can enjoy some cold AC and a cold beverage or two!!

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  3. Also, If I saw a rat in my house, I seriously don’t know what I would do. We have little field mice here and I saw one in our house when I was a kid. But we don’t have rats. Fuck!

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  4. Oh boy, you are going through it. I have had mice and freak out when that happens. I would die of a heart attack if I saw a rat, dead or alive. Just reading about makes me want to barf. Lucky you could go to your brothers. It’s hard to find someone that will take not only a whole family but dogs too. I had to find somewhere to move to for about six months recently because my house is being lifted as a result of being flooded out by Sandy . It was hard because I have 2 very needy dogs who have separation anxiety issues so I had to keep them with us. Luckily we are somewhere with them now but I can’t wait to get back home.

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    • Oh no. It’s just me and the dog. The others are at the in-law’s/grandma’s. It’s really the pits. My bro’ s apartment is too small. And the commute would have been 25 miles and would take an hour. No thank you.

      When can you go back home? I’m glad you have somewhere to be.

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      • I hope to be in by December or January. Like you, my commute now is down from 50 minutes to only 15-20. People also drive much more aggressively here so my off parkway time is faster.

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      • What’s annoying me. Oooo-thanks for asking. The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette is annoying me. It’s literally everywhere. All over IG, all over Twitter-it’s just not that impressive to me. Also the KKW contour kit. 48$, little teeny product, the makeup tool looks like a sex you, every youtuber has had sticks that break, and I don’t feel like ANY of them are being honest because they want to kiss Kim K’s ass. Jackie Aina was honest, actually. And got shade from Kim K for it. I can’t stand the Kartrashians, but if the product is decent I can give it that. It looks like garbage and every one is too afraid to say it.


  5. My son. I love him but that boy!

    He is 17 and he has yet to learn that you put washing in the basket and not on it. If you put nothing in or on it is not MY FAULT that the shirt you wanted to wear is not clean, and although I am ace even I can’t wash, dry and iron it in the ten minutes before you need to leave.

    Do you have any washing? NO

    MORNING: mum where’s my top?

    grrrrrrrrrr 😡

    And Starbucks making me speak a language that is not English. I want a MEDIUM black coffee and I will never ask for it any other way. 🙈

    And ironing.

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    • So funny Mousie, only because I have been there, they take no interest in the wash until they want to wear something, argh!


  6. All of my appliances have decided to revolt in the past few weeks.. First the fridge, broke 3 times before I could replace it. then microwave just died. Now AC not cooperating so need service for that, on top of the awful heat. sigh
    I just keep saying, this will be a funny story some day, I am chanting it as I stick my head in the furnace to clean the Acoil, praying for a bit of cool air. Not helping my disposition any as I have been told LOL


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