A Patient Hubs, And Some Numbers

This is husbandly dedication. I bought a charcoal/volcanic ash facial peel mask thing and I wanted to try it out on hubs.


Best. Sport. Ever. Not only did he let me put it on him, he let me take a pic. He was grossed out by it going on, amused by peeling it off but overall could not care less. 😉

On a different note-we are at 1.4 million views. MILLION. Damn y’all, thats only in 6 mos!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all, and am so grateful.

Also, I tried out one of the Biobelle masks from Boxycharm-first I used the Dr Brandt microdermabrasion, then the “I Woke Up Like This” mask-it’s really really nice. Not sticky, smells awesome. It’s a go, not a no.

That’s all I got for now-working on the next Prison Diaries chapter-it’s coming SOON.

Talk soon Lovelies


19 thoughts on “A Patient Hubs, And Some Numbers

  1. He is indeed. I got one of them blackhead ones in a box but the boy who actually has black heads will not let me put it on him. Spoilsport.

    That’s great on the numbers Allie – well done.

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  2. Omg your hubby cracks me up!!! Things we do for love!!!!! How awesome to be married to your best friend! I’ve got a very laid back hubby that I could bribe into trying out some products🤣 Lol okkayy wait a min 1.4 million since Jan??? Omg this brand new tiny little crazy cat lady site (sorry I had to) that you do not pay to advertise has 1.4 million views hahahahaha yeesssss. That’s awesome I love make-up posts, TV show recaps, and celeb gossip. So now that you’ve done the work can you add some ADs!!?? Why not!!🤑🤑

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    • He’s a good egg-I’m so so lucky and grateful. Yes-1.4 million since Dec actually, I believe the blog was born Dec 9 or something. I never expected much, I just thought I’d post a few snarky blurbs then forget about it. HA! That’s what I get for thinking!

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