Mont Bleu: Some European Ingenuity

I received these items in a PR package from Mont Bleu, a company out of Prague. I’ll be honest, I was a little doubtful, but figured I’d give them a shot-boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It was great because I am a nail girl, I do my own nails multiple times a week, so I was eager to try this stuff.


What are they? Nail files-but not just any bail files. They’re made of glass, and embellished with Swarovski crystals. And holy cow, do they work. I was thinking “glass? How is glass going to file?” But the file end is rough, not as rough and harsh as an emory board but just as efficient.


They did a fantastic job shaping and smoothing. Oh-this is the new Ipsy nail polish from my June bag as well.

They come on black velvety pouches, and I was dubious at first but pleasantly surprised.

They also sent me cuticle scissors-


These are AWESOME. Sharp AF, and the perfect curve. Also great for eyebrow shaping/trimming, the curve is perfect the way it lays against your brow for precise trimming.

Last, but never least-a glass foot scraper and callous remover. OMG. My feet need help y’all, and this is just the thing. Not only does it scrape the dead skin but it leaves your heels/feet so soft-again, pleasantly surprised.


It’s neat looking too. I’m really really pleased with these products. Mont Bleu was kind enough to give me a discount code to offer y’all as well-if anyone wants to try these out, us code BLOG at checkout for 20% off.

Oh-shipping only took about 7 days from Prague which is impressive.

Here’s the company info:
HTTPS:// blue

Check them out! Despite this being a PR package if anything sucked, I’d tell you honestly, y’all know that about me.


14 thoughts on “Mont Bleu: Some European Ingenuity

  1. I had glass nail files for probably 10 yr. Mine do not have crystals on them but did come in nice case for each file. I think I got mine from QVC. I use them every time I file & still works great. Bought as gifts also since then they were fairly inexpensive & all loved them.

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  2. Gorgeous files & fab nails! Love the color.
    I have a glass file, but mine is just simple frosted glass.😂 They do a nice job for sure. But I love the color of yours. So pretty. They don’t seem to wear out either.

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  3. I’m convinced I am part Raccoon. If it’s shiny and has gems attached, I am immediately drawn to it. These are no exception, they are amazingly pretty.

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