In case some of you aren’t subscribed to Mouse’s blog, she’s got some sad news. Her Mum passed away peacefully last night-and I know I’m not alone in sending her so much love and light from across the pond.

We are all so terribly sorry to hear, Mousie, and sad for you. 💜

Talk soon Lovelies


18 thoughts on “💔

  1. There’s not much to say when you lose a parent just know in this little community we have built that we will be thinking of you and sending love and peace your way as you go through a very hard time.

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  2. Mousie, I left you a message on your blog. Don’t need to repeat it here. Your Mum was a special person and I know that you will miss her. Prayers and warm thoughts coming your way. She touched my heart without even trying. Hugs.

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  3. Aww Mousie- I am so sorry. I know this has been a long road for both her and you. I hope you can find comfort in knowing she is now safe and without pain.
    Much love to you my friend. ❤

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