Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle “Wrote” a Book. Yawn.

I’m putting “wrote” in quotations because I’m not so sure Jenelle has ever even read a book, and you know someone ghost wrote this POS. It’s an autobiography-she’s 25-but I suppose it could be said she’s lived a lot of life in these 25 years. I mean, 6 or 7 arrests, 3 kids with 3 baby daddys (she always ends up hating the BD, just sayin) a big huge “custody battle) with Babs that she lost THANK GOD, a mystery illness that was brought on by her birth control, come to find out (she didn’t like that discovery-she was thinking more along the lines of MS, Lyme-nope, just hormonal).

I won’t be reading this garbage. I saw a snippet in DM glamourizing the father that abandoned her and to this day wants nothing to do with her-Babs did all the hard work AND raises her son, but the ungrateful little simp still shits all over her mother-the one who was THERE.

I’m not a Jenelle fan and never will be. She continues to act like a selfish entitled brat with zero insight and is one of the most immature, neglectful, ignorant mothers on the show.

How do I really feel? 😂
DM link below:


Talk soon Lovelies


13 thoughts on “Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle “Wrote” a Book. Yawn.

  1. I wonder if she will write how she has had a dramastic change. When she said that word, I was like…WTF, did she just say ‘dramastic’? I can’t stand any of them, they are all stupid.

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  2. I did see that Janey, I hope it’s true – he is such a creep. I didn’t have the stomach to click on the preview where he refers to himself as ‘daddy’ to her, reading the transcript was enough. I think he’s a perverted predator, and Amber is dim-witted so it didn’t register with her that a man who has almost 20 years on her may not have the best intentions.

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    • Total pervy predator. And she’s shown proof, yet refuses to believe it. I don’t know if she tries to save face or what. But the proof is right in her face yet she makes excuses and buys his BS.


  3. Yes & Yes Get Out! I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of both of them!
    Thank God Gary seems to have really grown up and provides a stable, loving, home environment for his girls.

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