New Cover FX Awesomeness!

After much hemming and hawing, I finally decided to just take the plunge and get the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation. I got the shade N20 because I’m never completely positive of my undertones (warm? Cool? Who knows?) so I went with neutral. It has a medium to full buildable coverage, blendable as heck, and leaves such a beautiful finish-it was worth all 40$.

It’s a squeeze top rather than a pump-I have no preference myself. It’s thick, but not too thick. Runny foundation makes me nervous, this consistency is perfect.

I’m really happy with this foundation, overall.

Next-I have been eyeballing this product for literally months, and gone back and forth because it’s not cheap (I really love it-but it’s 42$-but you can use it in so many ways-but it’s only a half ounce-Allie, a little hoes a loooong what, it’ll last forever$ so FINE!!

The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops have found a place in my collection.

And I don’t regret it. Highlighter and related products are my faaaaavorite, you can wear this alone, add it to foundation-and it is stunning. I got it in Moonlight-and a tiny drop takes you FAR.

That’s actually kind of a big drop-but here’s the payoff:

So gorgeous. I haven’t tried it in my foundation yet but you know I will.
So those were my only makeup purchases for this month. What is wrong with me? 😜

Talk soon Lovelies


16 thoughts on “New Cover FX Awesomeness!

  1. I really love highlighters. I got the FX in Celestial and I really like it. I am still learning how to work with it……it’s pretty damn potent. I don’t want to look like a human Disco Ball. Lol
    But I do put a drop in my foundation and it’s great way to use it. But a little bit goes a long way. I will have this bottle for a looong time.

    Say, Allie—-are you familiar with sites like Findation? You can type in your foundation brand/color and find a perfect match in all the other brands. It’s pretty cool.

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  2. Wow I love these!

    I got Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea palette and the highlight is awesome. Sad because it broke though, going to see if Sephora will exchange since I’m a vib rouge.

    I also use Armani’s Silk then their fluid sheer shimmery bronzer mixed in, same concept, but I wanna try drops like these. I saw Tarte makes some as well… the ones above are stunning! Thanks Allie:)

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  3. Oh I have their setting spray and I love it totally shimmery tone to it!! I saw the drops but didn’t know if it would be blotchy on me… some products like to be blotchy on my skin even using different blenders. I wish I could try samples on everything first ! Right now I’m into moisture/hydration sprays!! Feels so nice and keeps my dry skin to a roar !😀

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    I’m not sure if this will link to the actual article, but this is a pretty good baseline for figuring out warm/cool tones.
    Also, if you Google “Paula’s Choice”- she’s a wealth of knowledge of all things make-up and skincare related! She’s been in the industry for decades, started out as a MUA and has authored 20+ books. Her site is my favorite for reference and questions. Late at night I can get sucked into hours of reading.

    The Make-Up Geek article is nicely written, straight forward, easy to read & understand. Here’s to hoping it posts!

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      • You’re welcome! 💜

        I loved learning that undertone matching really only applies to foundation/concealer/powder.
        What I found most interesting was the bit about using a blush that’s opposite of our skin tone! I tend to stick to neutrals (Nars Orgasm is my every day, go to, HG 😍) But, I’m going to pick up a blush palette to experiment with different colors.

        I love make-up as much as cooking because I feel like, with both, there is always something new to learn!

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      • So happy to see you, RS! Hope you’re well, doll! 😍💜

        Paula’s Choice is having an excellent sale!
        -20% off
        -Free shipping
        – A free serum (with $65 purchase)
        -PLUS 3 free samples of your choice

        Her prices are very reasonable to begin with. I’ve been toying with my cart on and off all evening. It’s so hard to choose!
        I also love that she offers both sample and travel sizes in addition to the full size product. That’s a huge plus as I’m terrible at returning things I don’t care for or don’t work for me.

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  5. Allie, I’m dying to know if you gotten to play with your new goods and how you like this foundation?! When you have the time can you pretty please (with a cherry on top) give us a review?

    I really need to make time to schedule a consult at Sephora. The one I love is an hour away (Providence Place) and I just haven’t had the time to commit. I’m having a foundation breakdown! 😳 (that’s supposed to be my crazy face)

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    • I think I did post a review? I LOVE the CoverFX foundation. It’s full coverage without being heavy. You can also use it for medium coverage-definitely worth the $. And the drops are heaven in a bottle.


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