Happy Weekend!


Inside every Radiologic Technologist is a frustrated photographer.

What’s your happy place?


7 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Beautiful pix!!! The beach is so my happy place!!! Today poolside in the Carolinas will have make do for me. Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!!!

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  2. That is a beautiful sight…looks like a perfect place to take a stroll. I am not a good photographer, I know what I want to do but the outcome never reflects my intention.
    I hope I can explain this to do it justice, it blew me away. My uncle was at Johns Hopkins Hospital for an extended stay. I would drive my aunt down everyday, she doesn’t drive on the expressway. If you’ve never been there, it’s just incredible, like a city within a city. The building he was in opened in 2012 and it is a piece of art. The one wing is curved glass in different colors so it looks like a giant piece of stained glass. Do a Google on it, if you appreciate architecture, I think you will be impressed. They carried the art theme on to the inside as well, there are modern puffer fish sculptures hanging from the ceiling, free standing pieces and various genres of artwork on the walls. Every elevator bank has a statement piece on the wall. The one that stood out to us is a photo collage of row homes, Baltimore is famous for it’s row homes. The artist took the photos from the alley, so it’s the back of the homes – which I thought was brilliant. The pics weren’t all the same size, like it wasn’t impressive enough to take and arrange scads of pictures to make one big picture – throw in different sizes. It seems like such a simple concept, but when you’re standing there looking at it, it hits you of how incredibly complex it really is.

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