The Vanity Area Update

I’ve been putting my little makeup area slowly but surely-I got this great little makeup mirror off of Amazon for 19.99$. Its got a little magnifying mirror that’s detachable, it’s battery operated (which I love-no cords) and the LED lights are dimmable.

The fairy lights are AWESOME. They’re tiny and on a super thin, bendable wire and are almost fiber optic looking. I got them on Amazon-6 strings at 3 feet each for 9.99$ and they’re worth every penny. Battery operated as well-no cords!

The shelf has my 3 coffee table books (so far): Face Paint, Killer Heels, and Jewels From the House of Tiffany. Also a photo, my Ipsy bags, a wooden sign that says “Besties”, and Norm the Gnome who guards my makeup 😉.



So far I’m pretty happy with it. I’m not sure what else to add if anything, but it’ll come to me. The lamp is going to go, I just need to get a better light. But there you have it!

Talk soon Lovelies


27 thoughts on “The Vanity Area Update

      • I bought several strings during Xmas time. I mainly used mine on wreath for front door. Another plus is if power is out, you can use them for a bit of additional light. I put a string around my neck so I could still read my book w/o straining. Vanity is looking good!

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      • I love those lights I have them in old mercury painted jars on my deck (yea I’m crafty!) Joanplus2dogs you need to get readers that have little “headlights” on them….will drive everyone who you mildly temporarily blind when you forget you’re wearing them (with the lights on!) Definitely help alot when reading, crafting ect… I think I got them from Amazon or Walgreens for about $20.

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  1. Beautiful vanity! Such neat little things you have decorated with! In love with the string lights as well. You can never have too much makeup or makeup area decorations.

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  2. Looking good. I dig fairy lights, I have a set that have different pearls on the strand, and it’s on a timer. I’ve been trying to get all my flameless candles and any other shit that lights up to be on a timer. I have a couple that aren’t on timers, and they eat batteries like they are going out of style.

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