Here’s a thread for Netflix series discussions, whatever and whoever you’d like to chat about. I haven’t checked Netflix out in a dog’s age, I should really get on that.

So here ya go!

Talk soon Lovelies


26 thoughts on “Netflix…..Discuss!

  1. Well forget Netflix—-someone’s got a brand new look!!!
    Beautiful! Well done ,Allie.
    Great title and even better colors. Kinda reminds me of unicorn colors.

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  2. I just got done watching the existing seasons of Longmire, Cable Girls (Chicas del Cable) and am almost done with Last Man Standing.
    I like Last Man Standing because I can watch it with kids in the room. My favorite is Cable Girls. Substitled in English, acted in Spanish since it is a Spanish production. Very soap-opera like with nice character development.

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  3. Just finished binge watching House of Cards. Seems like they went a little too far in writing this season but considering what’s happening in real life politics now, I think I understand it. The sex scene towards the end was really disturbing to me.

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  4. Oh jeez, I live in the stone age. I don’t use Netflix, have social media or take advantage of the features that the tv has. I can barely work the laptop, which by the way took me a long time to start using versus the desktop. I still write directions down on paper instead of using the phone, well actually I use ‘landmark directions’ – don’t say ‘take route 28 south to 47 west’ to me. I need to hear, ‘turn right at the hotel that looks like a ferryboat, then left at the tree with the funky shape….then down the road from the 7-11 turn at the blue building.’ I kid you not, that is seriously how I get around. Is sad but true.
    I could probably open a whole new world to myself if I weren’t so set in my ways. Oh…and patience, I really need to have a little patience.

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  5. I really recommend 13 reasons. I have a 15 year old niece who has always been in a very small Christian school environment, but started public high school as a freshman this year and had her parents marriage break apart. Their divorce will be final in July and it’s really NOT a good divorce. He is an arrogant ass and believes he is God and my sister and their 3 girls are his possessions. It’s been a rough year for my nieces. Starting next Wednesday, she and I will be watching this show together after I binge watched it and made notes. I don’t know if she has ever considered or thought about suicide but I know she’s really new to all the upheavals in her life this year. So with my sister’s blessing, my niece and I will watch this great show and hopefully it will help bring up some topics she may want to discuss with someone but isn’t sure how to bring up. I believe TV is entertainment, but just like I just The Secret Life of the American Teenager to discuss teenage sex with my now grown son, I am going to use 13 Reasons to open up some avenues of conversation that are hard to bring up. TV can help parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents open up the lines of communication of some very tough topics.

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  6. Tomorrow Orange is the New Black is going up on Netflix! They left off with a gigantic cliff hanger last season, so I am
    Counting down the hours!!!

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  7. I’ve been bingeing Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. There’s three seasons of it. I love it! IT’s about a lady detective in the 1920s in Melbourne, Australia.

    I watch Netflix in bed and as background noise to go to sleep, so I don’t have to pay attention. haha. Though, I did watch the first three episodes of Stranger Things. We need to get the PS4 fixed so I can connect to Netflix in the living room and finish the series.

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  8. Grace and Frankie is fantastic, especially the first 2 seasons. It’s a comedy series with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and it has a high feelgood factor. (PIP: I think you will like this one)

    And I recently discovered the Marvel Netflix Original Series: they are absolutely AWESOME!!!
    My Top 3:
    1. Luke Cage season 1: this is really the best of the best!!!
    2. Jessica Jones season 1: close second
    3. Daredevil season 1 and 2: very good as well

    These three series are the best series I have ever watched, and I have watched everything; from Lost to 24 to The Blacklist.

    HIghly recommended!

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    • Drankge- I actually binged watched Grace and Frankie with my Mom when she was here. It is her fave, so I watched it with her and yes… very cute- silly and fun.
      Also forgot to mention Bloodline. They put the third and final season up a few weeks ago and it was very good but pretty fucking sad.
      I just can’t wait for Orange is the New Black!! Seriously- since last season I have been dying to know how it all goes down. I read that all thirteen episodes that they are uploading (the entire new season) takes place over a three day span. They are filming the riot in real time.
      I also googled what time it goes up and apparently they upload all of their shows at Midnight pacific time. Which means 2 am here. I may just pull an all nighter tonight!!

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