RHONJ Gia Guidice’s Prom

DM has photos of Gia before her prom this week-she looks nice but holy-way-too-much-makeup. It’s piled, I mean piled on. She’s only 16-slow down, girl. She’s been wearing a shit ton of makeup since she was like, 12-which, not in my house but to each their own.

DM link below:


Talk soon Lovelies


4 thoughts on “RHONJ Gia Guidice’s Prom

  1. She is a pretty girl. Makeup artists aka glam squads always pile way too much on. I hope she has a good time. Poor kid with those parents but she does love them.

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  2. Sigh…why can’t 16 year olds just look like teenagers? She has gorgeous, fresh dewy skin under that layer of makeup. She looked great in that dress but it was not age-appropriate. But I do hope she had a great time…poor kid has been through hell with her parents!

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    • It is filters also not just a ton of makeup. In other pic further down with the other girl, she looks younger & more like herself but definitely way too much eye makeup.( like her mother) I agree about dress however have seen far more revealing ones. It seems to be the trend these days. Hopefully her parents realize prison isn’t just about them being locked up but missing out on family events which cannot be repeated.

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  3. I think she looks pretty. Unfortunately, like Joanplus2dogs stated, there are much more revealing ones out there. Believe it or not, this is tame. Most of these girls are wearing ones with cut outs, and midriffs exposed. Pricilla did a nice job with her makeup. This is just how the girls today look.

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