Mohammed goes on trial

Mohammed Hadid goes on trial this week for ignoring the law and not having permits when it comes to his mega-mansion.

Why in he world does someone need an IMAX theater in their home?

The fact that this monstrosity is on a hillside worries me. With all the digging and building, it has to be unstable and I’d hate to be the person living below that house.

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6 thoughts on “Mohammed goes on trial

  1. Wow that last pic really shows what a danger & how ugly that building is!! Who would want to buy such a thing & all the liabilities it comes with? Imagine the insurance costs along with maintenance.

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  2. I have met him and a few of my good friends are “close” to him, to me, he comes across as creepy. The ego knows no bounds (so many selfies and such). Many people say he will never marry Shiva, she’s too old for him, lol… or so the stories go. This housing thing doesn’t surprise me, all of his homes are over the top. He and Shiva have theirs listed as well, I think, at least she had mentioned that in some article.

    Side note, on top of this housing disaster, the show he and Shiva are on, The Second Wives Club has had dismal ratings.

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