I missed a day!! Whoops!

Last night I laid out clothes for the start of the work week and grumbled about nothing being on tv (I literally watch nothing on Sundays). Surprise! Yesterday was Monday and I missed Southern Charm. I can’t wait to check it out as it looked so good this week. I am not a fan of 3 day weekends. It just means more work for me (I work pretty much every holiday) and messed with my head as you can guess by my missing a day.

Just got done lounging at the pool I our 95° heat. Nothing like some pool time after work. Will have the recap of Southern Charm up today, maybe Below Deck Med too. Depends if I can stay awake that long. I haven’t had a day off since 5/10 and my next day off isn’t until 6/17. 5am stinks when you aren’t a morning person.

I’m thinking dinner in front of the dvr and computer is on deck tonight.

Talk to you soon!




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