June Boxycharm Spoilers

I’ve only got 2 so far but I will post them as I get them. As usual, if you don’t want to know what you’re getting, stop reading now! 😘

The first spoiler is The Real Her Play Book Palette. There are 3 variations of this palette: Smokey Violet, Perfect Basics, and Nude Collection. There 9 shadows and they retail for 28$. The one pictured below is the smokey violet one.


Next spoiler-you’ll receive one of 2 Ofra liquid lips, either in the shade Tuscany or Santa Ana. These lippies retail for 19.90$. Swatches below.


Santa Ana
I’m kind of hoping for Santa Ana-I have at least 10 Tuscany type shades, but I’ll be happy with either.

I will keep posting spoilers as they come in, so check back!

Talk soon, Lovelies


9 thoughts on “June Boxycharm Spoilers

  1. I’m thrilled! I love the Santa Ana but will be happy with what I get. The eyeshadows are pretty! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    I wonder if mine will arrive tomorrow, so exciting!

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  2. Thanks for this Allie 🙂 love seeing the items… that’s funny, I have a bunch of Tuscany type shades too.

    Has anyone tried Glossier’s products? Their clear lip gloss is supposed to be amazing, and they have some other products that look interesting. A lot of MUA are using the Boy Brow product too… let me know if anyone’s tried it 🙂

    I really want to do a long lasting lip, with a moisturizing gloss, so I can not get it all over my husband… my eyelash girl recommends LipSense, but not sure. My lips are crazy dry here in the desert, so any matte/long last lip dries them out even more.

    Anyways thanks again 🙂 I hope you are having a great day.

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    • Of course! I love posting them, so we’ve got a good thing going! 😘 I am super leery of lipsense, for the simple fact it’s one of those hard-sell-become-rich-if-you-sell-too things. I tend to avoid that kind of thing. I haven’t heard anything about Glossier but I’m going to def look into it now that you’ve mentioned it. So you’re looking for a long lasting moisturizing matte or Gloss? Or satin type finish?

      I hope you had a great weekend, Red ❤️

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      • Something that doesn’t smudge. Maybe a matte I can out gloss over. Colourpop? Are they in any stores?

        Yes, I agree about Lipsense. That’s why I haven’t tried. I’m not a mlm type-of-thing fan, although sometimes the products can be decent. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      • Colourpop has a satin finish which is between gloss and matte, that might be something to try but you can only get colourpop online at this time. I’m actually surprised they haven’t done a pop up store.

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