Does Kim Zolciak Have ANY Boundaries?

After showing herself off in her bikini-yawn-(we get it, you’re surgically enhanced and skinny. Get in line) she thought it’d be funny to show a photo of her daughter, Brielle, flashing her. She was modest enough (surprisingly) to censor her offspring’s bare breast.

Is anything off limits? Seriously-between the John Legend tix, grabbing Kroy’s genitals for a photo taken by her daughter, and this-is anything too much for Kim? I have such little respect for her-and dread her presence on RHOA. Thoughts?
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19 thoughts on “Does Kim Zolciak Have ANY Boundaries?

  1. No. She is boundryless!
    She is trying hard to sell Brielle but nobody’s buying.
    There’s something seriously wrong with her. And I don’t care to see her on RHOA either.
    Color me disgusted. 😝😫

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  2. She needs so damn much attention! It just annoys me. I wonder if because of social media, we are now going to be stuck with the likes of her, the Kardashians, etc. forever. Before social media we use to get breaks from all of the narcissistic celebs. If People magazine wasn’t featuring them, we didn’t see them. Now there is an over saturation of the most annoying D-list celebs. And they never fucking go away.

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    • “And they never fucking go away.” ROFL Pip. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs from the late 60’s – “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?” – by Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks … love that song, and it so fits Kim Z and so many others.

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    • She is getting more desperate. Off rhoa, then her show has very small audience which is dropping & none of her wig lines, skincare, etc are making big money & hubby out of big league football fame. With their expensive life & supporting 6 kids she had to return to rhoa for cash & fame. W/o negative attention you wouldn’t know they were around. Supposedly they are showing dog attack on son on her show – sure to generate more press when it airs.

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      • Are you kidding??? They’re going to AIR to dog attack?!? That’s a whole new level and I will not watch that. She’s grosser and grosser and if you don’t exploit your kids, you aren’t Kim Zolciak. Her skincare was a joke because everyone on the planet KNOWS she pays a surgeon for that face. Pitiful. And her husband’s NFL career is OVAH. He’s now sitting out his second season-if someone wanted him, he’d be signed.

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      • I have read that in several other reality sites but whether they actually show the attack or events leading up to the after effects at the hospital it should not air for the child. She is currently pushing him in front of cameras to show he still love dogs by letting puppies lick him.

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  3. UGH! I want to go to Twitter and tell her what an awful Mom she is. She is disgusting. They are doing whatever they can for attention. Good bad, she doesn’t care as long as it isn’t indifferent. UGH!
    Good one, “How can I miss you when you won’t go away?”

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  4. I had stopped myself from tweeting after I read the above article, then I saw that they may be showing her sons attack. I tweeted Andy and Kim, if they show it they are disgusting!
    I think all of this social media is destroy the foundation of US. People are getting ruder every day. I just saw where a man in Oregon picking on a woman in a scarf was confronted by 3 men, he stabbed all 3, killing one. I am so sad, I wish I could do something. He has no remorse. Appearing in court all he could do was yell about free speech, no remorse for killing a man?! Stop the world! I want to jump off!

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  5. Oh I also tweeted your blog to Andy, I hope that is ok, he probably won’t even see my tweet. I just felt like how could she do the things she does?

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