Whatcha Reading?

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I don’t know why-

I went to the library yesterday-it’s funny, sometimes I can’t find shit to read to save my life, others I can’t stop finding good books. Yesterday was one of those days, I found several awesome books.

Right now, I’m reading “Into the Water” by Paula Hawkins, who wrote “The Girl On the Train” which I loved.

So far so good-I’m really enjoying it.

So what page turner is keeping you up at night?

Talk soon Lovelies


17 thoughts on “Whatcha Reading?

  1. That’s on my list! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

    I just started The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I have to finish it by 6/6, it’s a book club book.

    I just finished Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. I didnt really like it. I was so bored. I don’t get all the hype over it. Such a let down.

    At work, I’m listening to Game of Thrones on Overdrive. It is so different to re-read after you’ve seen the show and the progression of the storyline.

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  2. I read quite a variety which might not interested most but I’ll list a few. Good read is the Son by Phillip Myers for those watching the series. For old school film folks also reading a biography on Louella Parsons which is interesting to read how involved she was with studio heads & Hearst himself. Re reading Mutiny on the Bounty & biography on Bligh about his side of story.

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    • I forgot to add a book for dog lover – sorry cat ladies( I do have cats also). Judy a dog in a million. For those who do not know her story, she is the only dog to endure being a POW during WW 2 by the Japanese. It is a great story about incredible dog & the humans with her. You
      might recognize her story from mysteries in the museum which they showcased her collar in the UK.

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      • Yes, it is on sat. nights but not tonite. It is an AMC series but it is shown on several different channels. It is almost done but likely there will be a catch up on previous shows. It isn’t as good as book & follows it roughly but has several good actors. Definitely worth watching if you liked the book.

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      • I forgot to leave name/author for book – First lady of Hollywood, biography on Louella Parsons by Samantha Barbas. Then Judy, one dog in a million: etc, by Damien Lewis. Good books on
        great ladies fighting for what they wanted & what felt was right, just different jungles.

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  3. The thirst – jo nesbo. He’s a Norwegian writer and this is the latest in the Harry Hole series. I like them

    The girls – Lisa Jewell not started this yet but about too

    I recently read The Roanoke Girls – its dark and twisted but I enjoyed it

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