Weekend Update

Happy Memorial Day y’all!

I’ve got no plans, I’ve got to cut hair but that’s it. Maybe if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll go to the parade Monday but that’s a real stretch.

Twitter has been poppin’ this week! I got a retweet from Babs (Jenelle’s mom) a follow from a Southern Charm Savannah cast member, and a few other interesting things I can’t remember off the top of my head right now. Figures.

I have to apologize for going off the rails at some sort of obnoxious posts-it was knee jerk, but racism and intolerance sets me off like nothing else. I have an African American stepfather that raised me (along with my dad) and has been in my life since I was 6-my father was Jewish, my sister is African American and in a same sex marriage. So I take that shit personally. Any racism/intolerance is guaranteed a negative response from me and when I see racism disguised as immigration reform it makes me sick. We all bleed red, people, and looking down your nose at the brown immigrants/refugees who come here to escape brutality and persecution doesn’t make you a good American. It makes you no better than the evil they’re escaping. Ok, stepping off my soap box. Sorry.

I heard from our ill poster-she’s hanging in there and still manages to read the blog every day. Much love to her ❤️.

I’m going to do another giveaway-I’ll post it later today. This month went by fast!

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend, my loves.

Talk soon Lovelies


26 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. That is nice to get recognition for your hard work & everyone else who wrote. I generally do nothing besides little chores around the home which I have ignored & pray for very little fireworks which scares one of my dogs to death.( & annoying) Actually the other day 2 unwatched boys decided it would be fun to light a few of the fireworks at the grocery store display. Luckily no one was injured in the fire & they should be able to find & charge the boys. (& their parents if I was in charge)

    As for the crazy discussion I read but did not respond. I live in a huge immigrant area & know first hand most of the trash talk is nonsense. America was created by immigrants with big sorry to Native population. Best answer is not to engage those ppl, they will never change their minds by chats & will continue to debate forever. Which means you can be shutting down their power & allow others to see who they are. Don’t give them a platform. They hate being ignored & only feed when being challenged. Until something huge happens in their life that opens their eyes, common sense will not work. I’m live in the South & have seen ppl who were KKK/ white power whose lives changed then realized how stupid it all was. Sadly humans will always hate/fear/envy others – that will not change.

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  2. When I have a three day weekend like this I love to do my favorite thing: NOTHING.
    And damn…..I am good at that.
    Well maybe not exactly nothing but close to it.
    I love just puttering about in my home and garden. My sister is coming over, my husband bought steaks, we will rewatch LaLa Land. Life is simple and life is good.
    My sister is making her new favorite libation “Gin and Jam” for us. Never had one. We will see. Might have 2…or 3. I will tend to my 17 tomato plants I grew from seed. Yup. 17. Anyone have any great tomato recipes/freezing/canning/drying ideas. Help a girl out. I think I am going to need it. Lol.🍅🍅
    Lastly, I will do two things important to me. One, fly my flag in honor of this holiday and the brave woman and men who serve and protect us.🇺🇸 Blessings to you if you serve or have a family member or loved one who does. I am unabashedly patriotic and grateful. I will also remember in my daily prayers our fellow reader friend here in poor health. ❤️🙏🏻. I hope this site brings you fun and joy and the understanding that you have many virtual friends who care.

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  3. Such sad news in music world again – Gregg Allman died. Major, major influence here as he had a home here in Atlanta & played here many times to huge following of all ages. Created music especially with Duane that can never be duplicated or improved, both were world class.

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  4. Hey guys! Just sent my Mother off to my brothers on Wednesday. She was visiting since Mother’s Day weekend. She doesn’t live here anymore. She flips between Idaho Falls and Scottsdale, Az. Anyway, we had a great time. She is getting older now (79), and although she is a very young and beautiful 79, there are things I notice now that are changing. She is more forgetful, a little more unsteady on her feet, and definitely more stubborn and unfiltered. We had a great time, but it was nice for my husband and I to get our house back to normal.
    Last night we went for a long boat ride and had a few beers. Also, I have a new favorite… Moscoto. It’s like a white wine, but tastes more like champagne to me. I don’t really dig drinking all that much, but damn! It’s good!
    Anyway, my husband is out fishing, the sun is setting, the neighbors are having a big family Memorial Day bash (I love it when I hear families and friends having fun laughing and being noisy on the lake. It’s just awesome to hear people having fun). I am just settling in to watch Season 3 of Bloodline which came out on Netflix this week. So far it’s excellent!!
    Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend!! ❤🌸☀️🍦🇺🇸

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  5. Plans? Maybe finally get some sleep….Work has been completely kicking my ass lately so an extra day off will serve me well.

    As for the thread….we all have issues that push our buttons, it happens. I was talking with someone about it (yeah, it affected me a bit) and I noted that we all have different opinions and, luckily, we are usually pretty civil. When it got a bit out of hand, I stepped away. I saw no use for my continued presence. I disagree with much of what was posted on both sides of the whole mess, but that’s just me. You know, outside of the whole we are all equal, all immigrants are not criminals, we are all immigrants, and how horrible the bombing is. I always remind myself on line that not everyone who holds a different opinion is a moron, stupid, ignorant, and/or evil; but name calling, or trying to argue to change minds is never going to work. They just think differently than I do. I choose to walk away, but I don’t lose respect for those who chose to fight….it’s just who that person is. No harm, no foul at least not to me.

    Happy Memorial Day to those who served, those who wait for them to return, and for those who never will.

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  6. I’m with you, No Life.
    When these horrible terrorist attacks take place the first reaction is “love overcomes all…let’s all be tolerant…let’s all be understanding of one another”. Right.

    The abuse, the name calling, the piling on……count me out.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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    • I’m guilty of name calling-I don’t know about piling on-you can call me pretty much anything, it’s whatever, don’t call me a terrorist sympathizer. I’ve been dealing directly with racism and intolerance since I was 6, when Obama was elected I felt a sense of pride in this country and how far I felt we had come. Fast forward 8 yrs and a tampered with and fixed election we are right back worse than 2008-I’m sad, discouraged, angry, and in dire need of some hope. I read things from ppl like Kayleigh and Huh? and realize my family and the people I love are in actual danger. And it fucking sucks. So if I get a little heated, that’s why.

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      • My comment wasn’t directed at you…the whole thing was an ugly name calling mess. I get that it’s your button, and calling you a terrorist sympathizer was over the top, and I also get everyone having a Mama Bear moment with you. I get it, it just wasn’t something that I saw as having a good outcome. I also have mixed race in my family so I get it.

        The political stuff is killing me though. We aRe completely amd nearly evenly divided here so if we can try to keep that off here I’d appreciate it. I don’t want this place to become like a Twitter-lite.

        It is what it is, it happened. Hopefully we rebuild from it a bit stronger.

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      • No-I agree re: politics. That’s one way to make even the most civilized of relationships turn ugly, and I most absolutely don’t want that to happen-I can’t allow it. We’ve worked too hard to make this what it is. Y’all know how I feel by my twitter feed, I don’t need to shove it down throats here 😜. I actually stopped reading the thread because like you, I didn’t see it going any where good and felt it best to let it go. I know you weren’t directing that at me, but I know I was definitely guilty of it so I did want to apologize and ‘splain myself. It’s all good ❤️


  7. I stayed off the Manchester thread, I am not educated enough on the subject to contribute an informed opinion that is worth my fellow readers time. It’s not because I don’t care – I tried to read articles, and honestly it just made me sick to my stomach. I do know that it isn’t just an ‘immigrant crime’ – and for anyone to think that is kidding themselves. Evil has no strict profile demographic, it’s everywhere, no matter color, immigration status or religion.

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