Teen Mom’s Amber Needs Saving

According to sources, she met with Vivid productions, the same porn company that produced Farrah Abraham’s porn. Please-someone stop her. Don’t do it, Amber.

Her slimy boyfriend probably isn’t helping her state of mind-a woman has come forward saying he cheated with her in Vegas late last year.

We all know Amber doesn’t deal well with stress, and has invested a lot of time defending her creepy lying fiancé, when he really didn’t deserve it. I hope to GOD she’s got good people around her that will talk her out of the worst mistake of her life. DM story below:


Talk soon Lovelies


7 thoughts on “Teen Mom’s Amber Needs Saving

  1. There is a link on AATT that is an alleged dick pic this creep sent to one of his ‘side-pieces’. That was enough to make me want to gouge my eyes out, I sure as hell don’t want to see him and Amber rutting like pigs.
    These girls are no longer teens, they are fucking grown women who make really bad decisions in an effort to not get real jobs. They don’t think of the ramifications at all. It’s not like they are Suzie from Cornhole, Kansas who can do this kind of stuff and most likely the kids at school will never find out that Jimmy’s mommy has sex on camera for money. Their children are public figures and will suffer from every stupid ass thing these girls do. No sense what-so-ever.

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  2. Whoa! There’s a whole gotta crap being released on Twitter…@entylawyer has all of the texts between Matt & Tiffany/ Tiffany & Amber. I’ve been reading this nonsense for hours. Totally repugnant train wreck! My eyes and brain are both in need of a dire bleaching!

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