Jenelle And Babs Agree, Sort of

Jenelle Evans finally settled her custody battle with her mom, Barbara today. The pair settled out of court, there was supposed to be a trial-they avoided that with this agreement.

The prior arrangement said that Janelle could only see Jace at Barbara’s discretion-the new agreement gives her specific visitation. It’s not the full custody she wanted (and probably should never get) but she’s satisfied for now. I’m glad Jace still lives with Babs-that’s the only home he knows. DM story below:

Talk soon Lovelies


2 thoughts on “Jenelle And Babs Agree, Sort of

  1. I can’t even stand to watch these girl’s anymore. I just want to reach thru the screen and smack the shit out of them, every single one of them. The look on Jace’s face when Jenelle starts screaming at Babs is heartbreaking.

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