Worst Mother Award..

Bethenny Frankel’s mother gave an interview where she called her daughter things such as “moron” and “liar”. Bernadette Birk, Bethenny’s mom, also called the successful businesswoman a “shark” and says her success is the result of “luck”.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like if that interview is any indication, Bethenny would have been better off raised by wolves. What mother gives an interview like that? Ok, they’re estranged-have some class, lady.
It explains A LOT. I’m sure you’ll hear low blows like “even her own mother hates her” but that’s effed up-Bernadette Birk is no kind of mother and I hope Bethenny keeps Brynn far, far away.

DM story below:



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7 thoughts on “Worst Mother Award..

  1. I can’t imagine at our worst my mother giving (selling?) interviews about me being a horrible person. Family is off limits. Explains a lot about B’s lack of boundaries.

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  2. Her ‘mother’ is a vile, bitter old hag. When Bethenny met-up with the step-father last year and he told her plain and simple her mom never wanted kids, well – that sure didn’t give Bethenny much of a chance at a loving relationship growing up.
    The other blogger made a post a while back that Bethenny is a liar, because she went to a pricey school, so that means her childhood couldn’t have been as bad as she say’s it was. I thought that was a telling sign that the mom just wanted to get rid of her. Sending your kid to a pricey boarding school doesn’t make you a caring parent. I think that’s cold when a kid is sent away to attend school.
    I think it’s such a low-blow when people make comments about how they pity Bryn, and that she would be better off with Jason full time. No matter what your personal opinion of her is, it’s very evident that she loves that little girl and isn’t a bad mother.

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    • Totally agree that money doesn’t mean the mom knew how or was capable of parenting. I grew up lower economic class and lived with lots of violence. I used to dream of going to boarding school or summer camp. 😉 I know everyone is different but then I thought those kids are sooooooooo lucky, now I see it more like you stated and wonder how could a kid be sent away without feeling unwanted.

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      • I’m sorry Sammie…I had that life too, that is the reason why I have little tolerance for drama and chaos. I didn’t want my kids going thru any of that bullshit, and I was fiercely protective of them not having any of that trauma in their lives. It sickens me that kids aren’t safe in their own homes, things have gotten worse rather than better over the years. It’s disgusting what people do to their children.

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    • Totally agree. It’s just immature and ignorant to assume she’s a “bad” mother-it seems to me she’s made a conscious decision to avoid all the mistakes her mother made. She by all accounts is a very loving and protective mother. And you’re right-expensive boarding school isn’t a measure of love-it was a convenient way to get rid of Bethenny.


  3. I think Bethenny’s mom is mentally ill and must have been very difficult to grow up with. I have a sick mother and reading this article reminds me of her when she’s not on her medication. I’m not down with speaking badly about family in public. But it really does seem like her mom needs help, and might not have been in her right mind when doing this interview.

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