Technical difficulties and some really old dish on Kathryn

After only getting 3″ of rain all year here in Orlando, it is finally storming like you wouldn’t believe. Probably 3″ a minute! It’s a massive storm and will be around for a while (que floods but no complaining here- in the 10 minutes it took to type there is water almost to my front door!). Naturally, I have no satellite tv. It’s not supposed to clear until the wee hours of the morning. I will recap of it clears, otherwise I will watch on demand and do it tomorrow.  Satellite just came back but there is another red and purple storm on the radar here in a out an hour.

So I came across a comment on some other blog (aatt) leading me to all sorts of information about Kathryn.  Let me share. Seems when she was just a teen, she had an affair with a South Carolina State representative who went to prison prison on 14 counts of money laundering and IRS issues. He had also been arrested for stalking and  ex girlfriend and assaulting his estranged wife. I have to say the girl has a type. Disgraced politician. No wonder Thomas’ rap sheet wasn’t an issue for her.

Bravo has the 1st season available on demand this month. I suggest everyone go watch it. You will have a different opinion of this girl. Remember, she auditioned for SC and was turned down so she weasels her way in as a friend of and becomes the star of the show. Pretty brilliant. I don’t hate Kathryn, I really despise these people crying poor, manipulated child. Puhlees! This girl literally went from the Thad Viers guy to SC as they started filming in 2012. I’m attaching some links. Only one talking about her was fitsnews because she was a nobody. No reason to elaborate or make false statements. I’ve included some links and some copies of comments from 6 years ago. Remember she was only 19 and already had a horrible reputation.   My opinion of her has previously been based solely on SC with a lot of grains of salt for editing.  I did giggle when she claimed to be pursued by Victoria’s secret for modelling

From 12/2010


5/2012 I believe not long before SC started filming

Some of the comments.

  • Well if you accept sleeping with who ever possible to advance your profesional career, you could definetly consider her a potential politcal force in this state. Trust me this girl gets around.

  • These pictures look like a spread from a ’86 Kmart sale flyer. What world do you live in? Ever seen a real model?



    What do you guys think? Anyone surprised? I was. I see how strong her thirst has been and honestly she has been the most entertaining and intriguing of the cast. Unfortunately, it has been at the expense of her personal life. I feel badly for her but this isn’t new nor is it out of her character. I hope she gets the help she needs.


8 thoughts on “Technical difficulties and some really old dish on Kathryn

  1. Very interesting. Sheds new light, thanks Theresa. I am no longer confused about her. Seems she had no real interest in getting into politics just getting a rich politician into her.

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  2. When TT used to bring up FitsNews and say it was the only source she trusted about SC, I took a look at the site. The founder of the site, Will Folks was completely obsessed with Kathryn – he takes credit for ‘discovering’ her. He also say’s he made an appearance on the first season of SC, and that he is the one who introduced Kathryn and Thomas. His readers weren’t impressed with her when he first started reporting on her, they are even less impressed now. I don’t know if he owed her family a favor, or what the deal was with him promoting her. Her description was always the same…”the scion of political families….” it was kind of creepy how he would go on and on about how smoking hot she was. Every article is basically the same description of her, with the lead hidden in his admiration. She did threaten to sue him if he didn’t retract the printed text messages that were supposed to be between her and her drug dealer…her agent sent him a smart assed letter. He refused, and of course she didn’t sue. If you want to kill an afternoon, read all the articles about her on that site. All the people screaming “she’s young” and “It’s all Thomas’ fault” will get a much needed education on their precious Kathryn.

    I am glad that you’re getting much needed rain, but that much that quickly is scary for an area that’s not used to it. Stay safe.

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    • Wil folks was on for a minute as mentorish person to Thomas. I think he’s relatively shady. I actually don’t doubt that he got her the audition. He definitely seems obsessed with her and considering how young she was when the obsession started, it’s kind of creepy. It’s funny when her posts come up because he is a relatively respected political blogger and Lord knows that SC has more corrupt politicians than anywhere else. I believe they had 4 incarcerated at once. Makes you wonder!

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  3. Thanks for this info. I appreciate. I had read someplace that this guy on Fitnews was a friend of Thomas’s. Very interesting about his obsession with her.


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