Magic # 20 And Recycled Housewive

Danielle Staub is engaged again, and the proposal was caught by Bravo cameras. I guess it’s true that she’s coming back.
Side note: what is it with all of these housewives coming back? Please, keep Brandi away.
DM story below:


I’m not sure how I feel about Danielle coming back. I think she played perpetual victim, exposed her daughters to way too intensely adult situations and treated them as friends and potential allies instead of children. She might be a different Danielle now that she’s friends with Teresa again. I just remember the all-male sycophantic entourage she carted around, and that one guy with the dark feathered princess Diana haircut. We’ll see how this plays out. She’s been begging Andy to come back since she left, so…

What do you think of all these past housewives coming back, like Kim, Danielle, Lydia….I’m sure somewhere Jill Zaria has a voodoo doll and magic spells working on her return….

Talk soon Lovelies


19 thoughts on “Magic # 20 And Recycled Housewive

  1. I think they were fired or left for a reason and should stay gone. It’s like taking an ex husband back. Nope don’t do it.

    Did anyone see the celebrity restaurant reality show she was on? It might have been the most epic piece of reality tv ever

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  2. That Danny (feathered hair guy) is suing Big Pussy from the Sopranos. I guess he produces movies or something, he hired Vincent Pastore for a job, he didn’t show up for it so now there’s a lawsuit. Pastore said it’s because it wasn’t a union job, and he won’t cross a non-union job line. This job was like 4 years ago, so I don’t know why it’s just now being filed.
    I know way too much random shit from reading the Post. I’ve got to class up my reading material.

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  3. Danielle is a nutbag…I just started watching the 1st season again..(cray-cray, right?) Everyone has their intros, and hers is strutting to stripper music coming out of the house in her bikini. . “You either love me or hate me, there is no in-between!”. And all that talk about phone sex…gross. And 20 guys wanted to spend the rest of their life with her? I doubt it…

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  4. While I agree Danielle is not a stable woman, I see I am in the minority when it comes to her coming back. Why not? Bravo loves the disgusting the women they pay as entertainment. I used to watch all of the shows, and while I refuse to now, I love to read recaps and comments for two reasons: A. The recaps are insightful and humorous and B. the comments remind me I am not alone in my thoughts. Yes, Danielle is gross and I would never act the way she does but it’s a paycheck for her. I find her much more appealing than Teresa, the snobby convict who flaunted fake/stolen wealth and 4 brats in need of some serious time outs. I stopped watching when they renewed her contract. Danielle was wronged the first season considering that her past was brought out by a judgmental low class table throwing Teresa who was in the midst of committing her felonies. I can’t stand hypocrites and Teresa is the definition of that. I don’t have a squeaky clean past, actually it is very similar to Allie’s so I don’t normally judge anyone but Teresa threw rocks while living in a glass house, so I hope Danielle has her sh*t together enough and becomes a fan favorite to overthrow Teresa. Bottom line, the way I see it is our children are true a reflection of us as mothers. Danielle’s girls are well behaved with manners as shown on the show versus Teresa’s cute but mouthy spoiled brats. Danielle must have done something right.

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    • You have a hugely valid point. While Danielle might have made poor choices she’s raised, alone, 2 perfectly lovely, charming, intelligent daughters. Teresa has been grooming Gia to be a hoochie since 11, and you’re right about a time out. Bratty, obnoxious, and sorry Milania not too cute. Teresa still refuses to acknowledge she did anything wrong, owes lots of ppl lots of money and is throwing lavish parties, going on expensive vacations, and buying the girls whatever they want, except manners.


    • I’m all for Danielle coming back. The show needs something to bring it some energy. I’ve seen pictures of Danielle and Teresa doing yoga together and filming together and word on the streets is that they buddy up this season. Maybe they’ll both own up to their shit and form an alliance. I haven’t given up on Tre and I think her mother’s sudden death along with Joe going away to “camp” might humble her a little. I love a good comeback story!
      And I really need to see Danielle’s wedding on Bravo 😉

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  5. Danielle and Theresa are the cause of my RH obsession of course I want her back!!!
    She was the best soap villain since JR and I am a happy bunny (well mousie)

    P.s. I will prob go back to hating her within 1 minute but I LOVED hating her the batshit crazy, can’t say woman, fruit loop 😊

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