The Not Royal Wedding

I’m going to update as photos come in-

10am London-William and Kate leave for the 50 mile drive. She’s wearing peach it looks like.

1054am local time first glimpse of the groom

11:07am-Roger Federer and wife arrive

11:16am Princess Eugenie arrives

1120am Princes William and Harry-where are the ladies?

11:23am James Middleton, brides brother

1135am Princess Charlotte and Prince George arrive

11:37am Pippa has arrived in a vintage car with father Michael

Wearing a dress designed by Giles Deacon, she’s headed into the church. Once everyone leaves there will be better photos.


***Live photos courtesy the UK Daily Mirror


1155am the Duchess helps fix her sister’s dress.

A better look at the bride and dress

Kate wrangling the pages and flower girl


Looks like Prince George got a scolding and did not appreciate it.





No Meghan Markle at the ceremony, but Prince Harry drove off, presumably to pick her up?
Hope you enjoyed-I love Pippa’s dress. Classy, elegant and flattering.

Talk soon Lovelies



32 thoughts on “The Not Royal Wedding

  1. Despite my sometimes cynical attitude and my liberal leanings and beliefs, I regress to a childlike wonder when it comes to anything royal. Thanks for posting this, a much needed diversion from reality.

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    • Neither can I-cutest little kids! I remember when William was born, and when he was a toddler-George looks so much like him. We’ve watched him grow up, literally, and now he’s got his own family, and I feel super old 😜

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    • Sammie– in July 1981 I was a young woman traveling the world to very exotic spots as a flight attendant on an international charter airline. On that particular morning I had to catch a commercial flight from LA to Philadelphia to pick up my working flight to Saudi Arabia.

      I will never forget the panic I felt as I realized I missed my flight because I was transfixed for hours watching a true fairytale wedding unfold. (Yeah, not exactly a fairytale marriage)

      But I will also never forget the absolute bliss of watching every minute of that historic wedding. The vast train on the dress, the puffy sleeves, the carriage……..on and on

      I guess you had to be there. And I thought I was. Lol.

      In a panic I had to figure out how to get to Philly with about 4 stops in between. Got there. Saved my job and life went on.
      Never forgot it. And wonderful to watch Dianna’s boys and grandchildren now. 🌺🌺

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      • Maisey it was like a fairy tale wedding. The later stories the behind the scenes gossip and the actual marriage did dull some of the memories but at the time it was pure magic!

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      • It really was. That Royal Wedding was something special-so sad that it ended like it did and that Diana died. I wonder what she’d look like now, how much she’d adore her grandchildren, would she have remarried-I’m glad now that Charles married Camilla and all hard feelings are gone. Definitely time to let bygones be that, and she’s clearly the love of his life. Back then he couldn’t marry a divorcée, but at least he was able to and still be heir to the throne. I don’t believe she’ll ever have the title “Queen” if I’m not mistaken. Supposedly she’ll have the title “Princess Consort” but Charles can bestow the title of Queen if he chooses. When Charles is King, William and Kate will be Prince and Princess of Wales, which is kind of neat. Elizabeth isn’t going anywhere it seems!

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  2. I like that Kate is not raising a spoiled brat just like Diana, she ain’t having it! All the dresses are beautiful. I can’t wait for the reception photos!

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  3. Why was Eugenie there?

    I heard Meghan Markle only went to the reception.

    Yesterday, at the wedding I was in, the groom’s family is from outside of London and they had the most pleasant of accents. We talked about Pippa’s wedding AND the woman was wearing a fascinator. I loved them.

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  4. This “Not Royal” Wedding looked very Royal to me.
    Pippa looked happy, radiant and the groom looked dapper.
    Love Pippa’s simplicity in dress choice since she is so petite.
    Lovely, Lovely Wedding.


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